Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons Bolts From Courtroom Faster Than OJ Simpson In A Hertz Commercial  

It seems Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons did not have a good start to his weekend on Friday. 58th District Court Judge Susan Jonas granted a motion by Gretchen Molotky to stay her eviction until the Michigan Court of Appeals could hear her case. The appeal could take up to a year.

The case revolves around the question of who has standing to evict Molotky from her house. Molotky discovered a 2011 1099 Form addressed to her dated the last day of her redemption period last year. The 1099 Form was from Fannie Mae, not the US Bank Trust who is trying to evict her. Molotky claims she never received a 1099 Form from Wells Fargo in 2012. 

Ledford argued one of two things happened. The loan was never sold to the US Bank Trust or that the US Bank Trust sold it to Fannie Mae prior to the eviction case being filed. 

Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons threw foreclosure statute after statute at Judge Jonas. Every time he did, Ledford reminded the court that this case is about the eviction, not the foreclosure and Sheriff’s Sale.

Hammons also attempted to argue that it was in the community’s best interest to evict Molotky. Judge Jonas disagreed citing media attention in the case. Jonas acknowledged the video crew from Fox 17 present in the courtroom. 

Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons Tries To Dodge Fox 17 Reporter Cassandra Arsenault Leaving Court House After Losing Hearing. 

Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons bolted from Judge Jonas’ courtroom after Judge Jonas ruled in favor of Gretchen Molotky. Hammons bolted from the courtroom so fast that no one saw him leave. He literally was faster than OJ Simpson in a Hertz commercial.

Fox 17 reporter Cassandra Arsenault had to run after Hammons for a comment. She caught up with him in the stairwell. You can see the unedited footage from her Facebook page below.

Trott Lawyer Kevin Hammons and his bosses at Trott Law have been dodging Cassandra Arsenault for nearly two weeks. Hammons promised Arsenault someone from Trott Law would talk to her. Arsenault had a brief interview with Hammons on October 5th at the 20th Circuit Court. The interview happened after Paul Ledford requested an appeal hearing from the circuit court for a previous ruling by Judge Jonas.

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