MFI-Miami Has The List Of Local Businesses That Have Helped Fund Jew Bashing By Emily Convers And United Monroe

Emily Convers and her bigoted rhetoric may sound benign to the current generation of clueless white suburbanites but it isn’t. Bigoted rhetoric like this has been used before. The Nazis used this type of rhetoric and the Serbs used it to tear apart the former Yugoslavia. It was also used to launch the Rwandan genocide. White American used it to justify keeping black people out of white neighborhoods.

Convers has written crazy fear mongering posts such that any local tax collector in New York will tell you this is not remotely accurate:

“If not stopped, this bloc vote will also eventually result in a severe diminishment in the quality of the schools that your children attend. Their bloc does not have any use for public education, and if they can gain control of local school boards, will undoubtedly vote to cut budgets and critical programs that contribute to the educational development of your child.

She has even inspired her followers to take her hate filled rhetoric one step further. Most noteworthy are the comments by United Monroe activist  Jeff Pichardo:

“It’s very valid the jews are the worst people on the planet. They are killing and stealing the lives and land of the Palestinians!!! And because so many people are in their pockets most of the world stays quiet. The Jews are a parasite to humanity. You really believe you are gods chosen people what a fucking joke! And don’t get me started how you Jews played a major role in the slave trade! So don’t ever in your filthy life try to play me for a fool.”

The Desecration Of Temple Beth Shalom

United Monroe Activists
Emily Convers and her cryptic Nazi rhetoric inspired the desecration of Temple Beth Shalom

Consequently, the cryptic Nazi rhetoric of Emily Convers and the blatant anti-Semitism of her followers have finally resulted in outbreaks of intimidation and violence.

History of United Monroe’s intimidation tactics against politicians and others are well documented. Now someone has desecrated Temple Beth Shalom in Warwick. The attack on the cemetery happened last weekend on the eve of Yom Kippur. 

Vandals spray painted swastikas on the walls that the gates of the cemetery. They also scrawled the words “Heil Hitler” and the letters “SS,” for the Nazi Schutzstaffel. 

Members of the 70-year-old synagogue are heartbroken because of the damage. Rabbi Rebecca Shinder, who has led the congregation for 11 years, said “This is not just about the swastikas and Nazi Germany. It represents hatred and persecution of the Jewish people throughout the centuries. It’s a symbol of hatred and intimidation.”

Journalists from as far away as Jerusalem are writing about the incident. They have also asked Shinder if the vandalism was the work of kids. She said, “I don’t know if it is or it isn’t. Which is worse? I don’t know. But neo-Nazism is, unfortunately, alive and well in Europe and here.”

Emily Convers Is Clueless To The Damage She Is Creating Or She Simply Doesn’t Care

Emily Convers
Emily Convers pounding the podium at the Warwick Valley Rotary meeting on Wednesday giving her, “STOP THE JEWS!” sales pitch.

Emily Convers has the audacity to keep spreading her message of bigotry even after the desecration of Temple Beth Shalom. Convers acts as if she has done nothing wrong since the attack on the cemetery.

She refuses to acknowledge that her cryptic Nazi rhetoric and her brownshirt thuggery inspired the person or people who vandalized Temple Beth Shalom. 

She is still attempting to raise money for frivolous lawsuits and futile appeals to “STOP THE JEWS!”

Emily Convers actually showed up to the Warwick Valley Rotary meeting with her hat in hand. A meeting that nearly two-thirds of the Warwick Valley Rotary membership boycotted. Hence, it appears the majority of Warwick businessowners don’t share Convers’ paranoia.

Convers also had the cojones to give her “STOP THE JEWS!” sales pitch on Yom Kippur of all days.

Emily Convers has quit asking for money for United Monroe because their brand has become permanently damaged. She is now actively soliciting money for the more benign and eco-friendly sounding “Preserve Hudson Valley.” 

Preserve Hudson Valley is a non-profit set up by United Monroe activist Phil Gagler. It is also operated by the same bigots that run United Monroe. The non-profit also promotes the same agenda and message of “STOP THE JEWS!” 

Preserve Hudson Valley’s big fundraising pitch now is to raise money to appeal the decision by the courts to allow Kiryas Joel to move ahead with the annexation of 164 acres from the Town of Monroe. An appeal many lawyers believe to be futile and impossible to win.

Donors Not Happy That Their Donations Were On A Government List

Emily Convers
Emily Convers doesn’t want to tell people United Monroe is really a borderline hate group filed with closeted Anti-Semites.

Emily Convers has tapped into the bigoted vain of histrionic white suburbanites in Monroe. The bigots answered her call in droves and ponied up roughly $30,000 annually until March of this year.

In addition, many of these people volunteered to be Convers’ personal army of internet brownshirts. They bullied and smeared anyone who opposed Convers and her cryptic-Nazi agenda.

I posted the United Monroe donor list in March that showed hundreds of people had donated to United Monroe. 

United Monroe donors were pretty pissed about their names being posted on the internet. They were unaware that their contribution to a PAC becomes public record. Something Emily Convers apparently neglected to tell them that when they gave her money.

Donors include public school teachers or have Jewish bosses and their anger stems from fear. These people fear being fired from their jobs for being associated with United Monroe. 

Area Business Owners Helped Fund United Monroe’s Campaign Of Hate And Fear 

nazi holding flag
This is what Emily Convers is all about.

Quite a few businesses contributed company funds to Emily Convers’ campaign of hate. 

Orange County School of Dance owned by Joanna Markowitz is a most noteworthy example of the people on the list.

Emily Convers and her histrionic minions have become dangerous. They have become a serious threat to the public safety of Monroe and surrounding communities. The desecration of Temple Beth Shalom should serve as a wake-up call to everyone in the Hudson Valley. 

Therefore I am now releasing the names of the businesses who contributed to Emily Convers and her campaign of hate.

These businesses have also helped pay for the endless stream of failed lawsuits against the Town of Monroe and Kiryas Joel. Lawsuits that residents of Orange County will be paying for long after Emily Convers and the bigots have moved away. 

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