Wells Fargo Created 10 Years Of Hell For Gretchen Molotky After Illegally Placing Force-Placed Escrows On Her Home

Gretchen Molotky has lived a life of Wells Fargo created hell for nearly a decade. All because Wells Fargo illegally force-placing escrows on her home twice in six months. 

Wells Fargo’s mismanagement of its force-placed escrow policy is another example of the uncontrolled greed that has infected the bank’s senior management. Wells Fargo senior management has mismanaged mortgage servicing so badly that it has driven homeowners to suicide and giving them fatal heart attacks.

Gretchen’s nightmare began by simply taking her car off her homeowner insurance. 

“I took my car off my home owner’s combined multi-policy and went to a cheaper company.” 

As a result of removing her car from the policy, Wells Fargo created a decade of hell for Gretchen. 

“Wells Fargo said, ‘Oh you don’t have insurance. We are no going to force insurance on you and we are going to charge you this exorbitant premium,” said Paul Ledford, Molotsky’s attorney.

Her $1,400 mortgage payment doubled, then tripled. She started calling and calling attempting to prevent something worse from happening.

“Oh, well! We made a mistake, we will modify your mortgage. No, my mortgage doesn’t need to be modified. You need to correct your error. Correct your error, you have proof of this!” Molotsky said.

Wells Fargo eventually acknowledged their mistake and reversed the force placed tax and insurance escrows.

“Then just to find out six months later they did it again,” Molotsky said.  

At this point, Gretchen was paying her initial insurance and the mandated insurance from Wells Fargo. She was paying a double home insurance payment which is illegal to have.

Believe it or not, her fight was just getting started.  A lawsuit, court battles and a “secret sale” were still to come, all leading to a new battlefront on the national stage. See more on Fox 17.









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