Cryptic Nazi Group United Monroe Recruiting Thugs To Intimidate Jewish Voters In Kiryas Joel On Election Day

United Monroe announced on its Facebook page that it is recruiting “poll watchers” for next Tuesday’s New York primary. The group is only recruiting “poll watchers” in the Hasidic enclave of Kiryas Joel. United Monroe is not placing poll watchers in other precincts in the 98th Assembly District. This appears to be an attempt to intimidate and suppress the vote of the Hasidic community. It is also the latest in a history of anti-Semitic and cryptic Nazi bullying by United Monroe. 

United Monroe’s History of Nazi Style Thuggery

United Monroe
Emily Convers founded United Monroe after getting restless watching TV all day.

Emily Convers founded United Monroe after she became bored and restless eating Bonbons and watching Days Of Our Lives. So she formed what turned into a borderline hate group. She soon built a following of unemployed drunks and bigoted retirees by anonymously posting unhinged bigoted rants on Facebook. Her band of cryptic Nazis began following her methods.

Convers and her minions began using rhetoric that was ripped from the pages of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Convers and her band of unhinged bigots compare Jews to vermin and refer to residents of Kiryas Joel as “scourges on our community.”

The United Monrovians also employ Nazi-style bullying and smear campaigns against local politicians and anyone who opposes their bigoted political agenda. Emily Convers has become so paranoid that believes anyone who questions her is illegally conspiring against her. 

UM members also post unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about local, state and federal politicians being involved in voter fraud, political bribes, and kickbacks with members of Kiryas Joel. 

Convers and her crew bigots accused several Monroe politicians of criminal activity. Law enforcement investigated her claims and found the claims to be baseless and without any merit. Yet, United Monroe still promotes these claims as fact. 

It’s Not Just Politicians These Cryptic Nazi Thugs Harass And Stalk

United Monroe
United Monroe employs the internet version of Kristallnacht style bullying against anyone who opposes them.

Emily Convers and her group of unhinged cryptic Nazi thugs don’t just stalk and cyber bully local politicians. Converse encourages her followers to also smear people anonymously on the internet. United Monroe members have even committed the internet version of Kristallnacht. Convers and her followers have no problem trash-talking and destroy business owners who oppose them.

I know because they have attempted to do it against MFI-Miami. 

United Monroe followers have a disturbing hatred toward Jews. As one supporter wrote:

Jews are a parasite to humanity and you really believe you are gods chosen people. What a fucking joke! And don’t get me started how you Jews played a major role in the slave trade! So don’t ever in your filthy life try to play me for a fool.

Emily Convers and the United Monrovians have also inspired violence against the Hasidic Jews who live in the vicinity of Kiryas Joel. United Monroe thugs post memes on the internet promoting Jewish stereotypes and bigotry has inspired violent confrontations with Hasidic Jews on the streets of Monroe. 

Emily Convers has inspired people to throw rocks at Kiryas Joel ambulances while rushing dying people to the hospital. Her rhetoric has also inspired people to slash the tires on Village vehicles. 

United Monroe Brags About Intimidating Hasidic Families In Kiryas Joel

United Monroe
United Monroe marched into Kiryas Joel to intimidate Hasidic mothers and children.

Dan Castricone openly brags on his radio show about he and Convers led an angry mob into the heart of Kiryas Joel last year. The march consisted of roughly 100 unemployed drunks, bigoted retirees, and bored housewives. 

Castricone and Convers claim the “march” was to protest against the annexation of township land by Kiryas Joel. The real purpose of this “march” was to intimidate Jewish housewives and frighten children. 

Emily Convers and Castricone now claim the march consisted of 500 to 1000 concerned citizens. NYS Assembly John Allegro. echoes this fictitious claim. 

Allegro came under fire a few weeks ago after MFI-Miami released a video of him mocking an Asian woman and soliciting a rectal massage.

United Monroe used the ruse of wanting to be innocent poll watchers during township elections in 2013. This ruse was a way to institute Brown Shirt style thuggery in polling stations around the township. The plan was to suppress Hasidic support for Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles. United Monroe leader Emilly Convers was trying to unseat Doles in that election. 

United Monroe thugs also muscled their way into polling stations in Kiryas Joel in 2014. 

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