United Monroe Cryptic Nazis Get Checkmated By The NY GOP

New York Republicans aren’t the only political group in the Hudson Valley facing serious hurdles this election cycle. The United Monroe Cryptic Nazis are having issues of their own.

One of their members was slapped with a $950,000 defamation lawsuit.

Donors have fled United Monroe in droves. Donations have plummetted by 90% from last year after the list of people who donated to this group of bigoted malcontents was posted online.

Emily Convers also saw one of her frivolous lawsuits tossed and the core nucleus of the group has dropped by 50% as well.  United Monroe now only consists of only 10-15 true believer types. 

It appears United Monroe is falling apart faster than cheaply made Chinese underwear.

The United Monroe Cryptic Nazis decided to double down and go for broke. They decided to run one of its leaders, John Allegro as a Republican for New York Assembly. Allegro has to face off against long-time party member and incumbent 98th District Assemblyman Karl Brabenec in the September primary.

Brabenec only won his seat by 38 votes in 2014. Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone siphoned off nearly 9,000 Republican votes as a United Monroe candidate in the general election. Castricone lost the GOP primary to Brabenec and then ran on the United Monroe ticket in the general election. 

United Monroe leadership believed Allegro running on both the GOP and United Monroe ticket would clinch the election for Allegro. They forgot a few small details when planning out their campaign strategy. 

The New York GOP Gives United Monroe A Lesson In Hardball Politics

United Monroe Cryptic Nazis
Assemblyman Karl Brabenec pulled a political move that was a piece of pure Machiavellian art

New York Republicans have not forgotten how the United Monroe Cryptic Nazis almost cost them a solid GOP seat in 2014. GOP leaders have said repeatedly they want Castricone and the rest of United Monroe to shut up or go away.

Convers and Allegro should know this since GOP leaders told Castricone this when they denied him an endorsement Congress earlier this year. 

Let’s be honest, the GOP is facing some serious challenges this cycle because of Donald Trump’s crazy behavior. The last thing the GOP needs to deal with is a group of cryptic Nazis running around pretending to be Republicans. 

Karl Brabenec pulled a brilliant political move last week that is a piece of pure Machiavellian art and pure political revenge. 

Brabenec filed the necessary 2000 petition signatures needed to run on the United Monroe ticket hours before Allegro’s people could file his petition signatures in Albany. Brabenec’s name will appear as the GOP candidate (assuming he wins the primary) and as the United Monroe candidate on the ballot in November.

New York allows candidates to run as for office under the flag of more than one political party. This means a Republican can run for office as a Republican candidate, Conservative Party candidate and so forth. However, in a primary election, a voter can only vote in one party’s primary. 

In other words, Karl Brabenec essentially neutered United Monroe.

Emily Convers And Her Cadre Of Cryptic Nazis Have A Joan Crawford/Mommie Dearest Style Meltdown

United Monroe Cryptic Nazis
United Monroe Leader Emily Convers has a histrionic meltdown after being checkmated by Assemblyman Karl Brabenec

As expected, the leaders of the United Monroe Cryptic Nazis didn’t like getting a taste of their own medicine. In her typical fashion, Emily Convers posted a histrionic Joan Crawford/Mommie Dearest style meltdown on social media claiming Brabenec hates New Yorkers and hates America. She writes:

“Karl Brabenec did the unthinkable. Your sitting NY State Assemblyman thinks nothing of you. Assemblyman Brabenec proved his disdain for ALL of the citizens of the 98th State Assembly District, for all of NY State, and for the United States of America by proving, once again, that he is a morally bankrupt, overly ambitious, desperate, desperate man who cares more about his next election and paycheck than he does for the American people.”

Convers then promises a day of reckoning for Brabenec:

“Rest assured we are pursuing this matter fully and completely, and will not allow this political hack, this career politician, this desperate person to take what is rightfully ours. Our brand, our name, and what we stand for.

Castricone Jumps Into The Fight And Again Proves He’s A Clown

On his 30-minute infomercial on WTBQ, Dan Castricone sounded like Jerry Lewis' sad Nazi clown in Lewis' unreleased holocaust movie, "The Day The Clown Cried"
Dan Castricone sounds like Jerry Lewis’ sad Nazi clown trashing fellow Republican Karl Brabenec

Dan Castricone jumped into the fight on Thursday and showed what a truly inept political clown he really is.

Castricone spent his entire radio show on WTBQ Thursday praising United Monroe and trashing fellow Republican Karl Brabenec.

Castricone rescinded his endorsement of Brabenec. He even vowed he was going to persuade GOP leadership to rescind the endorsement of Brabenec. 

Let me get this straight, Castricone is going to ask GOP leadership to rescind the endorsement of a GOP candidate because the candidate cut the balls off his opponent on another party line? Castricone must be a special kind of stupid if he thinks this will work. Then again, Dan Castricone has a history of being politically inept.

Castricone is also assuming Brabenec acted alone. I can tell you from working in politics, he didn’t. Brabenec had assistance from either the Orange County Republican Party or the state party. Castricone even with his limited intellect should realize that party leadership was behind this stunt. They obviously don’t trust Allegro or United Monroe and don’t want a repeat of 2014.

Castricone either suffers from selective Alzheimers or is arrogantly narcissistic. He doesn’t realize the GOP leadership is still pretty upset with him and United Monroe. 

Allegro And United Monroe Threaten Legal Action

United Monroe Cryptic Nazis
John Allegro claims he spoke to a “top elections” lawyer who requires a retainer of $5000. Unfortunately, only bottom feeding lawyers with offices in shopping malls charge $5000 in New York.

Allegro likes to fires up the United Monroe Cryptic Nazis on his Facebook page. He makes the dubious claim that Brabenec’s petition signatures were fraudulently acquired. Allegro claims, “due to the lying and deceitful methods used by Brabenec”

John Allegro threatens he will file a legal action: 

Allegro claims he spoke with a “well-known” attorney who specializes in elections. Allegro then solicited his followers for $5000 to cover the retainer:

“I spoke with a well-known Election Law attorney today. This firm is completely confident that we can disqualify Karl Brabenec’s bogus “United Monroe” petitions. We are on our way toward our fundraising goal of $5,000 to cover a retainer!”

Allegro’s claim of speaking to a “well-known” attorney appears to be misleading. Any decent lawyer in New York usually wants a $10,000 upfront retainer. Any “well-known” specialty lawyer is going to want a retainer of $20,000-$25,000.  Besides, to verify the signatures of 2000 people against voter roles is time-consuming. It takes about 80-100 man-hours to do it properly. No respectable lawyer would be able to verify signatures, prepare a case and be ready for trial in less than 78 days. 

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