Trump Campaign Co-Chair Of New York Carl Paladino Likes Sharing Racist Memes And Bestiality Porn

Trump Campaign Co-Chair Of New York Carl Paladino is stirring the pot of controversy yet again. This time, Paladino is reiterating the conspiracy theory popular among Trump supporters that Khizr Kahn is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Talking Points Memo states quotes Paladino as saying:

“Trump does not have to respect or refer to Khizr Khan as a Gold Star parent because he is “a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Trump Campaign Co-Chair is no stranger to race-baiting on the campaign trail. At Donald Trump’s victory party after winning the New York GOP primary, Paladino referred President Obama as a raccoon.

In Paladino’s prior life, he was the embarrassing skirt chasing racist business owner who ran for governor of New York in 2010 and a member of the Buffalo School Board. During his campaign for governor, it was also discovered that Paladino, a devoted Tea Party Christian Values Candidate, fathered a child out of wedlock in 2ooo.

Paladino donated thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chuck Schumer. The very same liberal politicians he now rails against as a Donald Trump minion. 

Paladino Liked Passing Around Racist Emails While On The Buffalo School Board

During his campaign for governor, it was also discovered Paladino liked to share racist emails while sitting on the Buffalo School Board. Politicians and employees of the Buffalo School District say they were bombarded with racist emails about President Obama from Paladino. Emails that were so outlandish that they would make even David Duke blush.

Paladino passed around a video in December of 2008 from a Neo-Nazi website of African tribesmen dancing titled “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal.” 

Paladino’s racist emails contained such videos as “Proof the Irish discovered Africa” with a video of monkeys doing a Riverdance-style jig from January 6, 2009. 

Trump Campaign Co-Chair
Trump Campaign Co-Chair Carl Paladino passed around a video of monkeys dancing a River Dance jig titled “Proof The Irish Discovered Africa!”

One recipient wrote Paladino back saying:

You really degrade yourself when you forward this shit. Geep. It’s one thing to not like Obama’s policies. It’s another to be a flat-out fascist. Hard to believe its 2008 and we’re still seeing this garbage from people. Beaux is right when he says I’m sure Bob will be really happy when he sees this. If I’m offended, I can imagine how he may react.

Paladino responded claiming he was not racist and that to him these racist emails are just humor. He also claimed he is uninhibited when it comes to political incorrectness:

 “I’m not sensitive to ethnic humor. dago, spic. polack whatever we hear the humor every day. I think the oversensitivity to black/white is wrong and in itself demeaning. Political correctness as people chose to define it is demeaning.”

Paladino also passed around another email from March 2009 entitled “demotivated” including several fake “motivational” posters like this one:

Holy shit

The Trump Campaign Co-Chair Also Liked Passing Around Porn Including His Favorite Bestiality Porn

Paladino touted his anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage stances and family values to the New York Conservative Party in 2010. He consequently told the Buffalo News during his 2010 gubernatorial campaign, “I bring values, resiliency, a thick skin and I’m not afraid to be confrontational”

Paladino was keeping a secret from the Conservative Party. He liked to show off his collection of internet porn as a member of the Buffalo School Board. Paladino was so proud of his porn that he sent a barrage of it to Buffalo-area politicians, media types, and appointees. One email contained a 3MB .wmv video entitled “Miss France 2008 fucking.”

This was obviously one of Paladino’s favorite because he marked it as “Oh LaLa-XXX” and proclaimed it as “a keeper” to his recipients. 



The Trump Campaign Co-Chair also appears to be a fanboy of the grand-daughter of Deep Throat‘s Linda Lovelace:



Here’s a screenshot from another of Paladino’s favorite videos he passed around entitled “Little Johnny.”

The Trump Campaign Co-Chair received “Little Johnny” from a City of Buffalo employee during business hours. Hey, wait isn’t Paladino against government waste? I guess that doesn’t apply to his buddies passing around porn on the taxpayer’s dime. 




Most noteworthy was the disgusting pornographic video emailed out by Paladino. Paladino sent around a bestiality video entitled “Easy Big Fella….XXXX”. The video showed a woman engaging in sexual congress with a horse.


That’s right. A member of the Buffalo School Board blasted out hardcore porn and bestiality videos. Paladino didn’t just send it to friends. He also sent it to a plethora of politicians, media types, and appointees all over Western New York and to GOP lawmakers in Albany.

The Hypocrisy Of  Carl Paladino

Paladino the Pervert can pass around all the nastiest porn and racist emails he wants to his friends. I don’t pass judgment on what people want to send around to their friends. However, Carl Paladino as a public figure can not. A person can not claim to be for Tea Party Christian values while having a history of blasting out racist emails and hardcore pornography. These don’t reflect values. They reflect sexual perversion and racism.


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