New York GOP Assembly Candidate John Allegro Asks Asian Woman To Rub His Anal Cavity

john allegroMFI-Miami has acquired a disturbing video of New York Assembly candidate John Allegro asking an Asian woman to rub his anus. Allegro also mocked the woman’s Asian accent by responding to her questions with comments about his anus. Allegro also attempts to mock the woman by speaking to her in Pidgin English.

You can see the video on Facebook.

John Allegro made the video and uploaded it to his Youtube channel. It seems like Allegro thought his political friends would find his behavior comical. Allegro didn’t realize that not everyone finds his bigoted toilet humor about receiving rectal massages from Asian women funny. Allegro also doesn’t seem to understand this type of misogynistic toilet humor is not appropriate when you are running for public office. 

John Allegro is currently running as a Republican for New York State Assembly for the 98th District. Allegro will be facing off against incumbent Republican Assemblyman Karl Brabenec in the September 13th Republican primary. 

Political Gadfly Dan Castricone Was The Only Republican To Endorse John Allegro

John Allegro received an endorsement from Insurance Agent Dan Castricone last week. Castricone praised Allegro’s work with the cryptic Nazi group United Monroe. Consequently, Castricone vowed he would persuade GOP leadership to rescind their endorsement of Brabenec in favor of Allegro.

MFI-Miami acquired the video from an anonymous source at the Orange County Executive’s office. Our source found Allegro’s behavior disturbingly bigoted and deplorable. In addition, another politician found the video immature and disgusting. So did one member of the NY state Senate. The Senator told MFI-Miami, “How old does this guy think he is? Stuff like this funny when you are 12 years old not when you are in your 50s!”

A Democratic Assemblyman who wished to remain anonymous said, “I work with a lot of good politicians on both sides of the aisle. I don’t see anyone working with this Jackass in Albany!


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