Why Is Ford Dealership Leo Kaytes Ford Sponsoring Programs On WTBQ That Promote Bashing Hasidic Jews?

Leo Kaytes Ford, a small Ford dealership is a major advertiser on radio station WTBQ in the Hudson Valley. The 500-watt WTBQ consists of non-stop paid infomercial programming with shows hosted by a diverse cast of characters with ties to the local GOP leadership.

WTBQ has a program hosted by a well-known middle-aged sexual deviant Attorney Bob Krahulik. Krahulik admitted to posting pictures of his genitalia to 20-something-year-old friends of his then 26-year-old ex-girlfriend. Krahulik was forced to resign as Chairman of the Orange County GOP because of the incident in 2014.

WTBQ also heavily promotes Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone. Castricone uses his 30-minute show to spew cryptic Nazi venom about Hasidic Jews. Castricone’s rhetoric is so bombastic and borderline anti-Semitic that it has made him an outcast among state GOP leaders. As one GOP leader said, “Castricone’s comments would make (Nation of Islam Leader) Louis Farrakhan blush.” 

Castricone and his friends at the cryptic Nazi group United Monroe, have been vocal in their opposition to the expansion of the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel. Castricone and United Monroe often use phrases like “preserving our way of life,” and “preserving our cultural identity.” United Monroe has also referred to residents of Kiryas Joel as “scourges on our community.”

Sound familiar? Nazi propagandists used this kind of rhetoric in the 1930s. White people used these same slogans to keep black people from buying homes in white neighborhoods. 

Colin Schmitt: The Next Generation Of Cryptic Nazi Politicians

Leo Kaytes Ford spends most of their advertising budget advertising heavily on the Frank Truatt Morning Show. Truatt and his girlfriend Taylor Sterling regularly hosts a variety of local GOP politicians on the show.

Frank Truatt’s regular guests include Castricone, Krahulik, and leaders of United Monroe. Colin Schmitt the GOP candidate for New York State Assembly is on every other week. Colin Schmitt is a close friend of both Dan Castricone, Bob Krahulik, and Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus.  United Mortgage is also actively promoting his candidacy.

Schmitt is exploiting Kiryas Joel expansion. A tactic Castricone attempted in his failed congressional bid earlier this year. Schmitt probably sees this as a way to draw attention to his campaign. He is also promoting a more dangerous and xenophobic view about Hasidic Jews.

Schmitt has campaigned to deprive thousands of Hasidic children access to clean drinking water. Schmitt has taken numerous xenophobic positions on Truatt’s show that are downright anti-Semitic. Schmitt favors cutting off Kiryas Joel’s access to the New York aquifer system completely.

Ford Motor Company & The Ford Family Has Spent 70 years Attempting To Wipe Out Prejudice And Bigotry

Stories of Henry Ford’s enthusiastic support behind Jewish conspiracy theories have become legendary in Detroit. Every Jewish person in Detroit has a story about Henry Ford denying a job to their grandparents or great-grandparents for being Jewish. Some Jewish people in Detroit still refuse to walk into a Ford Dealership because of Henry Ford.

The International Jew, a book that was attributed to Henry Ford was even distributed by the Nazis.

Henry Ford later disavowed the book and yanked it from circulation in North America before he died. However, the damage had already been done to both Ford’s reputation and to the Jewish population in Europe. 

Henry Ford’s descendants have spent 70 years and millions of dollars to make amends for what Henry Ford legacy. Henry Ford even tried to make amends to the Jewish communities in the U.S. before he died in 1947.

Leo Kaytes should know about all of this. After all, it pretty common knowledge. So why would Leo Kaytes put his Ford Dealership at risk to help promote cryptic Nazi hate speech and bigotry? The bigger question is, why is Executive Chairman Bill Ford and CEO Mark Fields tolerating this from a Ford Dealership that only orders 8-10 new cars from the factory a month?


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