Is Donald Trump Channeling His Old Bromance With Former Mentor And Scumbag Lawyer Roy Cohn? 

Is Donald Trump channeling his 70s and 80s bromance with his former mentor and scumbag lawyer Roy Cohn? 

People who have watched Trump and his career over the past 40 years believe his latest rants against U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel sound like Donald Trump channeling Roy Cohn. They also say Trump’s strategy in defending himself against the onslaught of lawsuits against Trump University is pure Cohn. 

Cohn was the notorious lawyer who rose to prominence as a chief henchman of 1950’s communist-baiting Senator Joseph McCarthy. For nearly four decades, Cohn’s vitriolic antics would often land him in the papers. Cohn relished being slimed by the press and he used it his advantage. Cohn was often quoted as saying, “My scare value is high. My arena is controversy. My tough front is my biggest asset.”

Donald Trump Meets Roy Cohn And A Bromance Is Born

Trump started his bromance with Cohn like Spike and Chester from the Looney Tunes cartoons in 1973. Trump and his father Fred were being sued for housing discriminating by Trump’s black tenants. Cohn advised that Fred and Donald Trump should, “tell them to go to hell”. Cohn’s first act as Trump’s new lawyer was to file a $100 million countersuit against the tenants. The court rejected the suit. Yet, it made headlines all over New York. 

The Trumps eventually lost the case after 18 months. Trump and his father were forced to sign one of the most far-reaching ECOA consent decrees in American history. The Trumps’ lost legal battle was secondary in the eyes of Cohn and Trump. Yet, the two were more concerned the public perception of the case and managing the media. Cohn and Trump spun the story to the media to make it sound like the Trumps won the case.

Their bromance grew from 1973 until Cohn’s AIDS-related death in 1986. Cohn also brought his say-anything, take no prisoners style approach to all of Trump’s most notable legal and business deals. Cohn’s bombastic, belligerence, the undisguised disregard for niceties and media manipulation also shaped Trump’s worldview and the belligerent public persona that is now 21st century Donald Trump. 

The Beginning Of Donald Trump Channeling Roy Cohn

Consequently, Donald Trump channeling his bromance with Roy Cohn became obvious last week. That is when Trump launched vicious racist attacks on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage. Curiel was born in Indiana to Mexican immigrants. He is hearing two class action lawsuits against Trump and his fake Trump University. 

Cohen v. Trump has Trump terrified because it has the potential to bring down the entire Trump Organization. The case could also land Trump in federal prison on charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act aka the RICO Act.

Cohen targets Trump through a provision of the RICO Act. The suit alleges Trump University of engaging in fraudulent business practices and frames Trump University as a criminal enterprise with Trump as the puppetmaster of a racketeering scheme.

Rich Boy Tantrums

Trump strongly opposes that characterization that Trump University is a racketeering scheme. Last night’s installment of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver doesn’t help Trump. The segment shows that Trump may have been more hands on than he wants Judge Curiel to know.

Trump’s lawyers have also condemned the RICO characteristic as a pervasive abuse of civil RICO in Cohen v. Trump.

Indeed, if this case is allowed to proceed, it would represent an unprecedented and unprincipled expansion of civil RICO and transform virtually every alleged violation of consumer protection laws into a civil RICO claim.

Trump trying to manipulate the media for two reasons. Judge Curiel denied Trump’s summary judgment motion in the Low case. Curiel ruled: 

Based on the foregoing, the Court concludes that Plaintiffs have raised a genuine dispute of material fact as to whether Mr.Trump can be personally liable for the alleged misrepresentations and misconduct.

Trump’s buffoonish behavior is also another example of Donald Trump channeling Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn used a similar tactic of distracting the media. News of unsealed affidavits by former Trump University employees could be more damaging to Trump’s presidential ambitions than his bigoted rhetoric. Employees have also testified to boiler room sales practices. They allege Trump preyed on the elderly and uneducated. Affidavits from former Trump University salespeople were released on Memorial Day. Former Trump University Salesman Ronald Schnackenberg stated, “I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.”

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