WTBQ Damage Control Over Allegations Of Animal Abuse By Station Manager Taylor Sterling Blow Up In Station Management’s Face

WTBQ damage control regarding allegations of animal cruelty by Taylor Sterling seem to have failed. Angry animal lovers and animal activists in the Lower Hudson Valley are boycotting the station. Frank Truatt told business owners at the Goshen Expo the controversy is starting to affect the station’s bottom line. Advertisers are canceling contracts and businesses refusing to advertise.

Truatt more than likely read the comments on the internet. Most noteworthy were ones calling for Sterling to be charged with animal cruelty. One person wrote, “Taylor Sterling needs to be charged with animal cruelty. Then locked up in a cage with no water.” 

Taylor Sterling had animal nutritionist Richard Patton on her show in order to appease animal lovers.

Truatt had WTBQ damage control set at DEFCON 1Sources at WTBQ state Truatt and Sterling locked the door to the station due to the fear of protesters. They also blocked all calls to Sterling’s show. Sterling interviewed Richard Patton over the phone from his office in New Mexico and she accepted no calls. 

The Richard Patton interview was scripted like a Hillary Clinton press conference. None of the allegations against Sterling were addressed. Sterling’s pseudo-science of feeding her little terriers chicken carcasses. Sterling also failed to address the benefits of throwing decomposing chickens on the floor for the dogs. 

Sterling claims to be an avid supporter of and a protester for PETA. PETA believes opposite. The group opposes the practice of feeding dogs chicken carcasses. PETA advocates and promotes the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet for domesticated dogs and cats. Even the FDA has issued warnings about feeding dogs in this manner and warn about feeding dogs chicken bones. 

Richard Patton would only talk in broad speculation about the effects of a raw diet on wild animals. He did say that animal bones do offer animals essential vitamins. Patton also said the spines of chickens are good for dogs. Patton did say the bones need to ground up so they do not splinter.  

Looney WTBQ Host
Taylor Sterling’s two dogs that she feeds processed chicken carcasses to. She also keeps them locked in the house for 14 hours a day. 

Sterling tried to candy coat the way she feeds her dogs by using pseudo-science. She claims she sprinkles “holistic granules and vitamin supplements” with the chicken carcasses.

This is almost like dumping a whole bottle of Orange Juice into your bowl of Capt’n Crunch cereal. Sprinkling it with fairy dust and brag you are receiving  your daily allowance of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. 

Sterling and Patton did not discuss Sterling and Truatt’s practice of locking the dogs in the house for 14-15 hours a day. They also failed to discuss the benefits of leaving the dogs with no access to food or water. In addition, they failed to discuss what a pet should do with nowhere for them to relieve themselves. 

Patton and Sterling also failed to discuss stories of Frank Truatt needing to stick his head out a window to avoid vomiting from the sickening stench of dog excrement and decomposing chicken carcasses hidden throughout the house. 

Pet experts say Sterling treatment of her pets affects their psychological health. Healthy dogs like to play and run around. Experts say it is not healthy lock pets in a house all day with no human contact. Dogs become depressed and develop a severe case of canine Anthropophobia. They begin sleeping all the time. As a result, dogs eventually begin avoiding human contact all together. Truatt has openly said to people this appears to be what is happening to Sterling’s two dogs. Furthermore, Truatt says the dogs avoid him and Sterling when they are home by sleeping all the time in another room. One dog hides under the bed when they arrive home from the radio station. 


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