Looney WTBQ Host Taylor Sterling To Spend Her Show With A Fake Doctor Justifying The Animal Cruelty

Looney WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling has been working over time this week. She’s attempting to promote Friday’s installment of her show, The Taylored Word. It seems like her goal is to justify the cruelty she inflicts on her two small dogs. Sterling feeds them chicken bones and keeping them locked up for 14-15 hours a day. In addition, she also likes deprives them of no water and nowhere to relieve themselves. 

Looney WTBQ Host
The x-ray of a small terrier with a fragment of chicken bone stuck in its intestine.

The looney WTBQ host announced Monday that she was having an unnamed veterinarian as a guest on her show. She wants to dispel allegations she abuses her two small dogs, Katie and Shayna.

Sterling wrote on WTBQ’s Facebook page today that the unnamed guest is actually an “Animal Nutritionist.”

The Wacky World Of Animal Nutritionists

Animal Nutritionists are holistic medicine’s wacky answer to a veterinarian. 

Animal Nutritionists also have none of the extensive university level education like Doctors and Dietitians. It is also pretty easy to become an Animal Nutritionist for as little as $3100. 

If you do some searching online you can easily find diploma mills like the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. ANHS certifies nearly everyone. ANHS graduates include pot-smoking high school dropouts with no science background a degree. Furthermore, ANHS offers two-three weeks of online coursework after being paid $3095.00.

The ANHS curriculum is based on pseudo-scientific beliefs. It also includes instruction on how to switch your pet to a diet of raw meat, animal bones, and homemade meals. The education an Animal Nutritionist extends beyond pseudo-scientific theories on nutrition into just plain wackiness. Animal Nutritionists promote chiropractic medicine, supplements, massage, and acupuncture to cure all of your pet’s health issues. 

PETA And The FDA: Do Not Feed Your Dog Chicken Bones!

Looney WTBQ Host
Another terrier with a chicken bone lodged in it’s esophagus. This caused the dog to vomit blood

The looney WTBQ host, a self-proclaimed vegetarian and pretend PETA protester, has come under immense criticism for her cruel treatment of her two dogs. Sterling keeps them locked in a house 14-16 hours a day and for feeding them raw chicken carcasses. Something any experienced dog owner and any university educated veterinarian will tell you is cruel and dangerous.

The FDA has also issued regular warnings since 2010 about feeding dogs raw chicken carcasses with the bones attached. Furthermore, the FDA has stated that the risks to the dog’s health outweigh the advantages of feeding them raw chicken carcasses.

Among the FDA’s concerns:
Sharp bones can cause injury to a dog’s mouth.
Chicken bones can become stuck as the fragments are swallowed.
Bones can cause constipation and even obstructions along the digestive tract.
Chicken bones can cause rectal bleeding.
The bones can cause punctures that can lead to peritonitis, a bacterial infection that can be deadly and requires emergency treatment.

Sterling claims to be a supporter of PETA. Yet, PETA is opposed to the practice of feeding dogs chicken carcasses. PETA advocates and promotes the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet for dogs and cats. PETA also believes that pumping hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics into animals meant for slaughter barbaric and cruel. Furthermore, they believe if it’s bad for the human body, it is even more dangerous for your pets.

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