MFI-Miami Is Teaming Up With Internationally Recognized Forensic Accountant And Former FBI Special Agent Al Horton 

MFI-Miami is teaming up with former FBI Special Agent, financial fraud investigator, and internationally recognized CPA, Al Horton.

Al Horton was part of the FBI’s Joint Strike Force at the U.S Attorney’s Office in Baltimore. He investigated cases involving bank fraud, asset forfeiture, money laundering. He also investigated political corruption and organized crime. 

Al Horton has worked with the United States Attorney’s Office in Miami on cases involving money laundering and RICO. 

He has also performed regulatory compliance audits and account reviews on high-risk private bank accounts for the banking industry. 

Al has also extensive experience in mortgage lending. He is a member of the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Task Force on Mortgage Fraud.

He has performed comprehensive forensic accounting audits of mortgages for the mortgage divisions of major banks and their insurance carriers. These forensic accounting audits involved HUD underwriting procedures and loan documentation reviews. Like MFI-Miami, Al also has extensive experience reviewing underwriting procedures of loans sold on the secondary market including Regulation O.

Al Horton has extensive knowledge of the Currency Control Laws of several South American Countries. This knowledge is unique and has allowed him to perform forensic reviews of foreign trusts. This experience will allow MFI-Miami to expand internationally to investigate international loans collateralized by letters of credit and through overseas-based CMBS and RMBS Trusts.

Al also brings a plethora of experience to MFI-Miami as an expert witness. He has testified in both civil and criminal trials as an Expert Witness, Court Appointed Expert and a Court Appointed Special Master for lawsuits that relate to business interruption, financial audits of commercial contracts, lost income, inventory valuations and bankruptcies.

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