Crazed WTBQ Host Taylor Sterling Trashes Another Warwick Valley Chamber Of Commerce Member Because They Won’t Advertise On WTBQ

Crazed WTBQ Host Joy Taylor aka Taylor Sterling is back using the airwaves to talk smack about businesses. Businesses that won’t advertise on her boyfriend Frank Truatt’s radio station that is.

Sterling didn’t learn her lesson from the public smack down she received three weeks ago. She thought it would be a great idea to trash Halligan’s Public House in Warwick live on the air. This is not a good idea the weekend before Saint Patrick’s Day.

Taylor Sterling was at it again this morning with another 20-minute tirade about another local business. This time, Shoprite Grocery Stores were on the receiving end of one of her rants. She gave a scathing critique of the free food Shoprite offered at the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Community Showcase on Saturday.

Shoprite is not the first local business and Chamber of Commerce member to feel the wrath of the crazed WTBQ host. They are probably one of the biggest and one of the most charitable. First of all, Shoprite was one of the main sponsors of Saturday’s event and offered free food to the public. They also support various charitable and civic groups through the Hudson Valley. In addition, they also sponsored Saturday’s Honor Flight at Stewart Airport honoring World War II veterans.

Most business owners are not surprised by Sterling’s latest on-air trashing of Shoprite. Stories of Sterling’s shakedown tactics and cattiness is the stuff of legend in Orange County. 

Taylor Sterling Uses WTBQ To Trash Businesses On The Air

The crazed WTBQ host sits on the Board of Directors of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce and has a history of using Truatt’s radio station as a way to bully and harass Hudson Valley businesses into advertising on WTBQ by saying, “Advertise on WTBQ or else we will trash talk your business on the public airwaves.”

Sterling’s obscene cattiness apparently has no bounds or limits. She has become infamous for bringing her own lunch and bottled water to the weekly meetings of Warwick Valley Rotary Club. 

However, the reality is that Shoprite, like Halligans Public House have both declined to advertise on WTBQ and this is Taylor Sterling’s rude and vulgar way of bullying them into advertising. 

I’m no Rotarian but it is pretty obvious Sterling and Truatt have made a habit of thumbing their nose at the Rotary Club’s 4-Way Test. A test my friends in Rotary International tell me all members are supposed to  ask themselves privately every week. The 4-Way Test asks:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


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