Fans Of James Cromwell Want To know Why He Pals Around With A Woman Who Mistreats Her Pets

Fans of actor James Cromwell are perplexed by the actor’s continued appearances on WTBQ. 

WTBQ Station Manger Taylor Sterling has come under fire for alleging abusing her two dogs. 

Cromwell is famous for portraying Nerd Leader Louis Skolnick’s father in Revenge of the Nerds

In addition, Star Trek fans know him for playing a host of characters in Star trek. He is also famous with fans for playing Zephram Cochran in Star Trek: First Contact.

Millenials also remember him for his Oscar-nominated performance as the dancing pig farmer in the movie Babe.

Most of the actor’s fans don’t realize that Cromwell is also a vegetarian and an activist. He is a regular sight at environmental and animal rights protest in New York. 

James Cromwell is a regular guest on various programs on WTBQ. Cromwell like discussing animal rights. He is also an opponent of the new power plant being built in the Lower Hudson Valley.

James Cromwell
Taylor Sterling’s two dogs, Katie and Shayna that she keeps locked in a house for 14 hours a day. She also feeds them processed chicken carcasses and chicken bones. 

Sterling Abuses Her Dogs

Sterling has made many claims about being a vegetarian. In addition, she claims to be a PETA protester and protester of Foie Gras. Furthermore, Sterling even claims she has stood by James Cromwell’s side protesting chickens and geese processing plants.

Yet, she keeps her dogs locked up for 14-15 hours a day and feeds them raw chicken carcasses. A practice that PETA claims on its website is unacceptable.

Sterling is a vocal proponent of the highly controversial “Raw Diet” for pets. She openly brags that she feeds her dogs raw processed chicken carcasses and chicken bones from the grocery store. Something any experienced dog owner will tell you is extremely dangerous.

Sterling also openly admits locking the dogs in the house she shares with WTBQ Owner Frank Truatt. Sterling allegedly locks her dogs, Katie and Shayna in the house for 14 hours a day. She also leaves them with no food or anywhere for them to do their business. Pet experts and PETA considers this a form of animal cruelty.

Frank Truatt claims Sterling throws huge pieces of raw chicken carcasses and chicken bones on the floor for the dogs to eat. The dogs like to drag the raw chicken carcasses to and across the living room couch where he and Sterling enjoy their favorite TV shows. 

Truatt has openly complained to multiple people that the house is a pigsty due to Sterling feeding the dogs raw chicken and from keeping the dogs locked indoors for 14 hours a day. According to Truatt, the carpeting in the house makes a squishing sound from being soaked in dog urine and that the stench of decomposing chicken carcasses, dog urine, and feces is so overpowering that he needs to stick his head outside for air to avoid vomiting. 

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