WTBQ Owner Frank Truatt Has Let A Cavalcade Of Scary Clowns In Bad Wigs And Makeup Overrun His Radio Station 

WTBQ Owner Frank Truatt has let girlfriend Joy Taylor aka Taylor Sterling take over his station. Sterling has the toxic personality of Mommie Dearest and the management style of Divine in Pink Flamingos. She has been given carte blanche by Truatt to lead this cavalcade of clowns that fill WTBQ’s lineup. Unfortunately for WTBQ Owner Truatt, Sterling isn’t the “radio whiz kid” she claimed to be when she came to WTBQ in 2013. Her management and programming have financially drained WTBQ. According to the WTBQ owner, the station’s parent company FST Broadcasting lost nearly $50,000 last year. 

WTBQ’s Policy Of Pay To Play

ouchy dom clown
WTBQ Station Manager programs WTBQ with programs hosted by a known sexual deviant and a Jew bashing insurance agent who is rumored to admire dominatrix websites

WTBQ now consists of non-stop paid infomercial programming. Programming consists of shows hosted by a diverse cast of characters. This includes a well-known middle-aged sexual deviant from Warwick who sends pictures of his genitalia to college-age girls.

WTBQ Owner Frank Truatt turns a blind eye as Sterling allows an Allstate insurance agent with a fetish for dominatrix websites to promote cryptic Nazi and anti-Semitic venom about Jews. Rhetoric that would make even Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan blush. 

Truatt also allows Sterling to promote a Cleveland-based Chiropractor with highly questionable credentials named “Dr. Bob.” Dr. Bob shamelessly and dangerously promotes garbage supplements as a cure for everything from anal warts to cancer. He even recklessly advocates chiropractic alignments for infants claiming it will make them smarter.

The WTBQ Owner and Sterling will put anyone on the air as long as the check clears. A potential host asked Sterling when their show could begin. Sterling told them, “As soon as your check clears, honey.”

Truatt Attempts To Save His Station Only To be Blackmailed 

WTBQ Owner Truatt confronted Sterling about her inept management and informed her that he wanted to bring in a top notch sales staff to restore positive cash flow. 

joan crawford
Taylor Sterling is known to have the toxic and violent personality of Joan Crawford from the film, Mommie Dearest.

Witnesses claim Sterling became unhinged. She became violent and began screaming like Joan Crawford in the “NO WIRE HANGERS!” scene from Mommie Dearest. She allegedly told Truatt, “I don’t want sales people in here! They will ruin the station and everything I built!”

She also allegedly threatened to expose Truatt’s dirty secrets to the Hudson Valley.  

A Mysterious Stranger Enters Frank Truatt’s Life

Sterling was an unemployed drifter who was fresh off of a bankruptcy when she showed up at the front door of WTBQ in 2013. Former WTBQ employees state Sterling came to do an interview on Truatt’s morning show about her bizarre self-help book. She soon took over and never left.  

Sterling immediately burrowed her way into the broken heart of Frank Truatt (who’s girlfriend had left him a week prior).  She soon took control of Truatt’s life. Sterling came in like those young nurses you hear about in Florida who take advantage of the loneliness of elderly old men. Who then raid their bank accounts.

Is Taylor Sterling A Grifter?

Young Florida nurses are amateurs compared to the septuagenarian Sterling. Sterling convinced WTBQ Owner Truatt that she was a radio whiz kid. Truatt gave her the keys to his empire before realizing Sterling had never worked in broadcasting. Sterling took total control of WTBQ and Truatt’s life by the end of 2013. She soon had Truatt alienated him from his friends and family. 

Sterling also convinced Truatt to slap his mother into a senior facility. She moved her “cousin” into his mother’s condo in Rockaway, New Jersey. Sterling’s “cousin” lives in the condo rent free.

Sterling has been exposed for running a fake non-profit. Living the high life in Florida while collecting unemployment for 18 months from the state of New York before filing bankruptcy. This is all since hopping in the driver’s seat of Truatt’s radio clown car, 

Sterling has told a plethora of tall tales of her previous life as co-host of Truatt’s morning show. Most of these tall tales can not be verified or confirmed. This is because of the various aliases and surnames she has used over the past 50 years. 

Sterling’s Ex-Boyfriend Talks About Their Relationship

Sterling openly brags about her torrid romance with Film Director Michael Cimino. Cimino is mostly known for the movie, The Deer Hunter. He is also known for bankrupting United Artists in 1980 with his over the top epic, Heaven’s Gate.

Most of her claims have yet to be verified. However, her claims of doing the funky bump and grind with Michael Cimino may actually be true.

Sources close to Cimino claim the vile ex-girlfriend he mentions in a 2000 Vanity Far article was named “Joy Something.”

Joy apparently started rumors about Cimino wanting a sex change operation in the early 1980s. 

Cimino had jaw surgery that caused him to lose weight and dramatically alter his appearance. This lent credence to the rumor perpetuated by “Joy” that he was going through a sex change.

Michael Cimino Talks About Joy

In the April 2000 interview, Cimino told Steve Garbarino at Vanity Fair:

“I think it came from this crazy girl I was going with. When I broke up with her, which was really a scene, she admitted to me one night when she was stoned out of her head that she had told it, she had started these rumors. What this chick used to do is—and she was an expert at this—she would start a rumor and say, ‘Michael, I heard that so-and-so said this about you. I didn’t want to tell you, but I thought I should tell you.’

“Then she’d say, ‘I know how to fix it.’ And I’d say, ‘How you going to fix it?,’ and she’d say, ‘I’ll talk.’ And then she’d work it up into a thing where suddenly 20 people were all crazy about it—by then everybody was nuts over some rumor about something. And she’d say, ‘Let’s organize a dinner at Mortons—we’ll get a table in the back and get it straightened out.’ I did this a couple of times, mind you. So I went, and we’re all sitting around, wondering what the fuck we’re doing. It was her way of finding something that would annoy the shit out of you.”

Garbarino describes “Joy” as fitting Cimino’s description of evil,

This girl fit his definition of “pure evil”—“especially when she coughs it up one night when she’s so bombed out of her head that she didn’t know whether she’s coming or going.”

Does Sterling Torture Her Dogs?

Sterling regularly complains during broadcasts that Truatt makes her work 14 hours a day with no pay. This is not entirely true. Truatt pays for Sterling’s car and living expenses including food for her dogs.

Taylor's dogs Katie-Shayna
If Taylor Sterling’s dogs, Katie and Shayna could speak they would be saying, “Please Mommy Dearest no more chicken bones!”

Sterling has made many claims to being a vegetarian. Yet she openly admits she feeds her dogs raw chicken carcasses and chicken bones. Something any experienced dog owner will tell you is dangerous and is as lethal. It is as giving a dog chocolate. 

Sterling also doesn’t believe in feeding her dogs out of dog bowls because she feels it is inhumane. She instead throws huge pieces of raw chicken carcasses and chicken bones on the floor for the dogs to eat. Unfortunately for Truatt, the dogs preferred to drag the raw chicken carcasses to and across the living room couch. The same couch where he and Sterling enjoy their favorite TV shows. 

The WTBQ owner has openly complained to multiple people that the house is a pigsty due to Sterling’s poor housekeeping skills. He also seems to have an issue feeding the dogs raw chicken and from keeping the dogs locked indoors for 14 hours a day. Frank Truatt also claims that the carpeting in the house makes a squishing sound from being soaked in wet dog urine. He especially doesn’t like the stench of decomposing chicken carcasses, dog urine, and feces. Truatt needs to stick his head outside for air to avoid vomiting because of the stench.

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