Misfit Radio Comes To The Hudson Valley Filled With Crazy And Bizarre Infomercials

You probably missed it but Misfit Radio has come to WTBQ in Warwick.

Truatt’s girlfriend Taylor Sterling is leading this cadre of weirdos, con artists, perverts, and misfits. Sterling has the toxic personality of Mommie Dearest and the management style of Divine in Pink Flamingos.

The new format is known as Misfit Radio and WTBQ owner Frank Truatt is not happy about it. The format has financially drained WTBQ. It is causing the station’s parent company FST Broadcasting to lose nearly $50,000 last year. 

Misfit radio at WTBQ consists of non-stop paid infomercial programming. The shows are hosted by a diverse cast of characters. WTBQ is the only radio station a sexual deviant have a show.

WTBQ also allows an Allstate insurance agent to use his half hour to promote cryptic Nazi and anti-Semitic venom. Dan Castricone’s venom about Jews is so repugnant it would make Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan blush. 

Sterling also promotes a Cleveland-based Chiropractor with highly questionable credentials named “Dr. Bob”. Dr. Bob shamelessly promotes garbage supplements as a cure for everything from anal warts to cancer. He also recklessly advocates chiropractic alignments for infants.

Sterling will put anyone on the air as long as the check clears. When one advertiser asked her when their show could begin, Sterling told them, “As soon as your check clears, honey.”

Taylor Sterling Goes Mommie Dearest On WTBQ Owner Frank Truatt 

Truatt allegedly confronted Sterling about her inept management in October. He informed her that he wanted to bring in a top notch sales staff to restore positive cash flow.

joan crawford
Taylor Sterling has the toxic and violent personality of Joan Crawford.

Sterling soon became unhinged. She became violent and began screaming. 

Sterling started acting like Joan Crawford in the “NO WIRE HANGERS!” scene from Mommie Dearest.

She allegedly told Truatt:

 I don’t want sales people in here! They will ruin the station and everything I built!

Sterling allegedly also threatened to expose Truatt’s “dirty little secrets” to the Hudson Valley if he removed her as WTBQ Station Manager.

Taylor Sterling Was A Drifter Who Latched Onto The Broken Heart Of Frank Truatt

Sterling was an unemployed drifter fresh off of a bankruptcy when she showed up at WTBQ. She had just written a bitter book about writing off her family and friends in 2013. Sterling came to do an interview on Truatt’s show about her bizarre self-help book and never left.  

Sterling burrowed her way into the broken heart of Frank Truatt. Truatt’s girlfriend had left him a week prior. Sterling who’s real name is Joy Taylor and took control of Truatt’s life. 

She took control like those young nurses you hear about in Florida. You know the ones who take advantage of the loneliness of their octogenarian patients and then raid their bank accounts. Those young Florida nurses are amateurs compared to the septuagenarian Sterling did.

Sterling convinced Truatt that she was a radio whiz kid although she has never worked in sales or broadcasting. Sterling took control of every aspect of Truatt’s life and radio station. Misfit radio was born.

She also began alienating him from his friends and family. 

Sterling also convinced Truatt to slap his mother into a senior facility. She soon moved her “cousin” into Truatt’s mother’s condo in Rockaway, New Jersey rent free.

Taylor Sterling’s Tall Tales 

Sterling has been caught operating a fake non-profit. She was also busted living the high life in Florida while collecting unemployment from the state of New York. 

Sterling has also told a plethora of tall tales of her previous life. This is due in part because of the various aliases she has used over the past 50 years. 

Sterling brags openly about her torrid romance with Film Director Michael Cimino known for the movie, The Deer Hunterand for bankrupting United Artists in 1980 with his over the top epic Heaven’s Gate.

Sterling’s claims have yet to be verified but her claims of doing the funky bump and grind with Michael Cimino may actually be true.

Was Michael Cimino Talking About Taylor Sterling In Vanity Fair?

Cimino discusses a vile ex-girlfriend in a 2000 Vanity Far article. Sources say the woman’s name was named “Joy Something.”

Joy started rumors about Cimino wanting a sex change operation. 

Cimino had jaw surgery that caused him to lose weight and dramatically alter his appearance. This lent credence to the rumor perpetuated by “Joy” about the gender reassignment surgery. In the April 2000 interview, Cimino told Steve Garbarino at Vanity Fair:

I think it came from this crazy girl I was going with. When I broke up with her, which was really a scene, she admitted to me one night when she was stoned out of her head that she had told it, she had started these rumors. What this chick used to do is—and she was an expert at this—she would start a rumor and say, ‘Michael, I heard that so-and-so said this about you. I didn’t want to tell you, but I thought I should tell you.

Then she’d say, ‘I know how to fix it.’ And I’d say, ‘How you going to fix it?,’ and she’d say, ‘I’ll talk.’ And then she’d work it up into a thing where suddenly 20 people were all crazy about it—by then everybody was nuts over some rumor about something. And she’d say, ‘Let’s organize a dinner at Mortons—we’ll get a table in the back and get it straightened out.’ I did this a couple of times, mind you. So I went, and we’re all sitting around, wondering what the fuck we’re doing. It was her way of finding something that would annoy the shit out of you.

Garbarino describes “Joy” as fitting Cimino’s description of evil,

This girl fit his definition of “pure evil”—“especially when she coughs it up one night when she’s so bombed out of her head that she didn’t know whether she’s coming or going.

Sterling Accused Of Animal Cruelty

This leader of Misfit Radio regularly complains that Truatt makes her work 14 hours a day with no pay. This is not entirely true. Truatt pays for Sterling’s car, food, utilities and her house in Warwick along with food for her dogs.

Taylor's dogs Katie-Shayna
If Taylor Sterling’s dogs, Katie and Shayna could speak they would be saying, “Please Mommy Dearest no more chicken bones!”

Sterling claims to be a vegetarian and protester of Foie Gras. Yet she openly admits she feeds her dogs raw chicken carcasses and chicken bones. Experienced dog owners tell you this is dangerous and is as lethal as giving a dog chocolate. 

Sterling also doesn’t believe in feeding her dogs out of dog bowls because she feels it is inhumane. She throws huge pieces of raw chicken carcasses and chicken bones on the floor for the dogs to eat. The dogs preferred to drag the raw chicken carcasses to and across the living room couch. The same couch where Truatt and Sterling enjoy their favorite TV shows. 

Truatt has openly complained to multiple people that the house is a pigsty. He blames it in part to Sterling’s poor housekeeping skills. He also alleges that it is from Sterling is feeding the dogs raw chicken and keeping the dogs locked indoors for 14 hours a day.

The carpeting is constantly soaked in wet dog urine. It also makes and makes a squishing sound according to Truatt. He claims the stench of decomposing chicken carcasses, dog urine is overpowering. He says he needs to stick his head outside for air to avoid vomiting. 

Truatt has also told people about confronting about Sterling about her treatment of the dogs. He was concerned it would jeopardize WTBQ’s relationship with Susan Baron of the Warwick Valley Humane Society.



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