MFI-Miami Has The Names Of Your Cryptic Nazi Neighbors Who Are Funding United Monroe!

United Monroe leader Emily Convers wants you to believe her merry band of cryptic-Nazis funding United Monroe are preserving the Town of Monroe. She also wants you to believe they are preserving the Lower Hudson Valley for the ages. UM wants you to believe that Monroe was the inspiration for a bunch of Norman Rockwell paintings. However, what Convers and UM are really about promoting is bigotry and thuggery. Convers want a community that conforms to her vision regardless if you agree with her or not. 

Does Funding United Monroe Give Kiryas Joel What They Want?

Funding United Monroe
Emily Convers is a female Archie Bunker. She uses United Monroe to promote hate and bigotry.

Kiryas Joel wants to annex roughly 500 to 600 acres of unused land from the county to expand their village. Kiryas Joel’s request is equivalent to roughly one square mile of land.

The Town of Monroe compromised and gave Kiryas Joel one-third of what Kiryas Joel asked for. This seems like a lot but it’s not. This 166-acres is the size of a small subdivision. I know millionaires with bigger estates than this. As a result, the cryptic Nazis at UM are using this as an excuse to broadcast their Archie Bunker style bigotry. UM also has a reputation of using brownshirt style tactics by stalking and bullying people who oppose them. 

Kiryas Joel was founded nearly 20 years before John Allegro, Emily Convers and others made the trek from the older suburbs of New York City to Monroe.

United Moroe activists are like the people who build their McMansion next to a freeway. Once they were all settled in, they began demanding local highway officials do something about the traffic noise from the freeway. 

Convers and her pals knew Kiryas Joel was there when they bought their homes. So United Monroe has no legitimate excuse to deny Kiryas Joel their right to expand. 

Funding United Monroe Funds Bigotry

I could believe Emily Convers and her group’s opposition to Kiryas Joel’s expansion. However. her anonymous bigoted rants make it impossible. Emily Convers and her band of cryptic Nazis continually use phrases that sound like they were ripped from the pages of Mein Kampf. They use phrases like “preserving our way of life,” “preserving our cultural identity,” and refer to residents of Kiryas Joel as a “scourges on our community.”

Emily Convers’ histrionic rants about Kiryas Joel could easily be dismissed as the ramblings of some local lunatic. Unfortunately, the cryptic Nazis of UM have developed a legion of followers. UM also uses scare tactics similar to what white people used to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods.

Convers also employs Nazi-style bullying and smear campaigns against local politicians. Emily Converse believes these politicians are conspiring against her. Convers and her followers also post unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. Furthermore, UM also posts allegations about local, state and federal politicians being involved in voter fraud, political bribes, and kickbacks with members of Kiryas Joel. All of which, she can’t prove.

It’s Not Just Politicians These Cryptic Nazi Thugs Harass And Stalk

Emily Convers and her group of unhinged cryptic Nazi thugs don’t just harass, stalk and cyberbully local politicians. They also attack and smear people anonymously on the internet who call them out for their anti-Semitism and bigotry.

Emily Convers and her cadre of thugs have even inspired violence against the Hasidic Jews who live in the vicinity of Kiryas Joel. United Monroe thugs post memes on the internet promoting Jewish stereotypes and bigotry. As a result, WASPS throw rocks at KJ ambulances and physical confrontations with Hasidic Jews on the streets of Monroe.

Who’s Funding United Monroe?

Funding United Monroe
United Monroe has raked in nearly $30,000 annually from individuals to promote cryptic Nazi hate.

Emily Convers claims United Monroe is a political party one day. Then the next day wants to claim UM is a loosely connected group of activists. Contrary to what Convers wants to make people believe, none of these descriptions of UM are entirely accurate.

UM is a Political Action Committee or Special Interest PAC. PACs are groups that help political groups get their message out. 

United Monroe has received $30,000 in yearly political contributions. People across the Hudson Valley have given generously since its inception in 2013. 

MFI-Miami has obtained the United Monroe donor list from 2013 through 2015. The donor list is a public document and is available free of charge from the state of New York.

The Cryptic Nazis Can No Longer Hide In The Shadows 

Emily Convers and her band of Cryptic Nazi thugs hide in shadows of your neighborhood. So I decided to expose them and make them easy to find. You can now find out who they are and where they live. Since United Monroe has registered themselves as a political party, donations and the names of the donors are a matter of public record and are on file with the NYS.

I have arranged the contributor lists by year of the contribution. 

United Monroe Donors 2013

[pdf-embedder url=””]

United Monroe Donors 2014

[pdf-embedder url=””]

United Monroe Donors 2015

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