Cryptic Nazi Clowns Dan Castricone And Emily Convers Give Sniveling And Pathetic Defenses Against Accusations Of Bashing Jews

nazi clown
On his 30-minute infomercial on WTBQ, Dan Castricone sounded like Jerry Lewis’ sad Nazi clown in Lewis’ unreleased holocaust movie, “The Day The Clown Cried

You missed the pity party of Cryptic Nazi Clowns Dan Castricone and Emily Convers if you live outside a 25-mile radius of Warwick, New York.

The two cryptic Nazis whined and cried about how MFI-Miami is cyber-bullying them. MFI-Miami has been running a series of posts exposing these two cryptic Nazi Clowns. 

Castricone droned on for 20 minutes in near tears on his radio show about how MFI-Miami was cyber-bullying him.

He even went on to say that MFI-Miami’s posts on the issue of Kiryas Joel expansion are as insignificant as a “fart in a snow storm.”  

Whatever that is supposed to mean since I’m partially responsible for destroying his chances of going to Washington.

Emily Convers then called into WTBQ and began to cry about how big bad meanie Steve Dibert at MFI-Miami is making their lives miserable. I have spent several months calling them out for their cryptic Nazi rhetoric and bogus allegations of Kiryas Joel leaders bribing elected officials.

I did call into WTBQ to debate these two cryptic Nazi Clowns. Unfortunately, WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling refused to put me on the air. She was afraid I would humiliate Castricone. Castricone is one of WTBQ’s biggest advertisers. 

Castricone And Convers: A History Of Cryptic Nazi Bullying

Dan Castricone was denied an endorsement by the 18th District Republican Executive Committee last week to run against incumbent Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney. This was due in part because of MFI-Miami’s criticism of his cryptic Nazi rhetoric and because of Castricone’s history of being a loser.

Castricone openly admits on his campaign website he is the one pulling the strings at United Monroe and Orange Is The Bloc. This obviously didn’t impress other Republicans.

Convers began using both sites to anonymously campaign for Castricone last September. She also used them to illegally raise money for Castricone’s congressional campaign. United Monroe activists also began posting anti-Kiryas Joel posts. They used cryptic Nazi language as a scare tactic to get people to like the page and promote Castricone. As such, Convers then asked them to join her cause of bashing Hasidic Jews.

Convers and other cryptic Nazi Clowns began using Nazi-style bullying and harassment tactics on local politicians. United Monroe activists began posting allegations accusing politicians of being involved in voter fraud, political bribes, and kickbacks. 

Emily Convers Is No Progressive Democrat

Convers claims to be a Progressive Democrat. She sounds more like a Dixie-crat. Her posts on social media sound like they came from America’s ugly history of housing discrimination against black people. 

Convers writes:

 “The Kiryas Joel bloc vote is ultimately affecting you directly in your bank account. By the very nature of this demographic bloc, your taxes will go up, while at the same time your property values will go down. Possibly WAY down. Over time, this equity will dwindle and dwindle until you have nothing left. And if you are a newer homeowner in the area with a mortgage, the drop in your property value could well put you “under water.”

Convers drove the crazy train of bigotry by writing Hasidic Jews are a danger to the children. She posted:

“This bloc vote will also eventually result in a severe diminishment in the quality of the schools that your children attend. Their bloc does not have any use for public education. If they can gain control of local school boards they will undoubtedly vote to cut budgets and critical programs. Allocations for teachers will also be cut and school buildings may even close and consolidate, making for an utterly inhospitable educational environment for YOUR children.”

Emily Convers reiterated these same claims when she filled in for Castricone in January. She kept claiming Kiryas Joel was polluting the water tables. Convers also floated a conspiracy theory that state officials were “paid off” by Kiryas Joel leadership.

The Delusions Of Grandeur Of Crazy Dan Castri-Clown

Dan Castricone is a wannabe political opportunist. He also doesn’t live anywhere near Kiryas Joel. Castricone lives in Tuxedo and his Allstate Insurance office is 35 miles away in Nanuet. Yet, he writes on his congressional campaign website:

“Couple annexation with KJ’s current rate of growth and within a short time it will effectively kill any chance to foster wealth creating commercial development in Southern Orange County.”

Castricone also openly admits on his website that he is the leader of these two groups who fan the flames of bigotry and fear.

He proudly proclaims:

“I have been fighting against this illegal, unconstitutional land grab from the beginning. I am proud to have led a movement that has changed the political landscape of Orange County.

Castricone Calls Anyone Who Debates Him A Cretin

Emily Convers sent me a nastygram threatening to sue me for libel within hours of their pity party. It seems like Convers didn’t like being called out for her cryptic Nazi pride. She also didn’t like being called out for her Nazi style intimidation tactics and unproven allegations of public corruption. Furthermore, Dan Castricone also tried to get the last word. He posted this on his Facebook page:

“I received a message from an old friend. “Danny, who is the asshole slandering you on Facebook?” (Yes, an old enough friend to call me Danny!) Every once in a while someone else will try to alert me to the goings-on.

For better or worse, I’ve become a public person. My recourse through slander/liable laws is very limited. I’ve blocked them and their pages so I don’t see it.

Those who know me know it’s all BS thrown by a disturbed couple of guys who for some reason allow me to live rent free in their heads.

If you are my friend or respect the work I’ve done and the people I’ve tried to help, block it when you see it and unfriend those that post it or share it. Just don’t tell me about it. Life’s too short to worry about some cretins alone in the dark banging out their delusions into a computer.”

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