Former WTBQ Radio Personality Dominick Sammarone Slaps WTBQ Management With $500K Defamation Suit

Former WTBQ personality Dominick Sammarone is suing radio station WTBQ. He is also suing station owner Frank Truatt and WTBQ management for defamation.

The former host of That’s Where The Money Is is suing the station and WTBQ management for $500,000. Sammarone alleges Truatt and station Manager Joy Taylor aka Taylor Sterling began a smear campaign against him. He alleges WTBQ began telling business owners in area malicious lies after he pulled his show from WTBQ.

The lawsuit alleges that WTBQ informed Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union that WTBQ terminated the relationship with Sammarone. WTBQ also falsely claimed the content of the show was dangerous to the radio station.

The lawsuit alleges that Joy Taylor made malicious and false statements to David Weinstein. She stated that Sammarone interviewed Dominatrix Mistress Isis on October 29, 2015. Taylor also states Mistress Isis claimed she “urinates on a girlfriend” during the interview. In addition, Joy Taylor allegedly told Weinstein and the Directors that she terminated Sammarone due to bad conduct. 

The suit alleges that prior to the WTBQ’s malicious comments that the Credit Union was planning on hiring Sammarone. Hudson Heritage terminated all business relations with Sammarone because of Taylor’s false statements.

WTBQ’s Campaign Of Smear

The suit also alleges that Taylor reiterated this same malicious claim to several members of the Warwick Valley Rotary Club.including the owner of a local car dealership. Sammarone along with Taylor are both members of the Warwick Valley Rotary. 

The suit also alleges Frank Truatt told people the relationship with Sammarone ended because of the supposed October 29, 2015 incident.

Sammarone states the interview with the dominatrix known as Mistress Isis happened on October 1, 2015. The interview was approved by both Frank Truatt Joy Taylor prior to the broadcast. Mistress Isis never mentioned anything about “urinating on her girlfriend” according to the above interview.

Sammarone claims that the decision to pull the show from the air was his and was made after Joy Taylor’s malicious attempts to interrupt the live broadcasts of That’s Where The Money Is on at least a dozen occasions.

The suit alleges that Joy Taylor began terminating live broadcasts of the show. She also made disparaging and insulting comments to the guests of That’s Where The Money Is. She also used loud and abusive language while broadcasts were being made.

Sammarone alleges that on October 29, 2015, he was forced to suspended his live broadcasts due to the interference by Joy Taylor. She purposely raised the temperature of the broadcast studio during a broadcast of That’s Where The Money Is to an oppressive temperature.

Conditions in the studio became so unbearable Sammarone mentioned it on the air. 

The Mistress Isis Show Was Did Not Air On The Date WTBQ Claims

Sammarone states that Joy Taylor and Frank Truatt lied to people about the October 29th broadcast. Sammarone interviewed former NFL player Mario Henry with Frank Pileggi, Jr. aka Uncle Buck on October 29th.

Everyone seems to think Joy Taylor’s toxic Joan Crawford/Mommie Dearest style behavior are exaggerated. 

As a witness to the events in September and October in my capacity as Producer of That’s Where The Money Is, I can say with all honesty that what Frank Truatt and Joy Taylor are telling people across Orange County is a lie.

The below emails show that I approached Joy Taylor and Frank Truatt about our problems with Joy Taylor interfering with the show and that Dominick Sammarone and I attempted to resolve the issue. It also shows what it was like trying to work with Joy Taylor and her Joan Crawford style craziness.

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