Disgraced Orange County GOP Chairman And Internet Penis Flasher Robert Krahulik To Defend WTBQ In $500K Sammarone Defamation Lawsuit

Robert Krahulik was forced to resign as GOP Chairman after he sent penis pictures to several young women.

He will also be representing WTBQ in their legal battle with former WTBQ show host Dominick Sammarone. 

Sammarone sued for $500,000. He is claiming WTBQ launched a smear campaign against him with local business owners.

Sammarone also claims he pulled the plug on his popular show because of conflicts with station management. As result of their actions, Sammarone is suing WTBQ station owner Frank Truatt and Station Manager Joy Taylor aka Taylor Sterling.

The Torrid Scandal Of Bob Krahulik

Krahulik’s 26-year-old ex-girlfriend called him out on Facebook for passing around pictures of his penis to her friends. 

Krahulik’s ex-girlfriend posted the pictures of Krahulik’s purple helmeted soldier with the caption:

I just want people to know it’s probably a really good idea if you are in politics to take pictures of your weewee and send it to lots of girls. 

Consequently, Krahulik later admitted sending pictures to women on social media sites. Most noteworthy was what he told an Orange County GOP committee in 2014:

I categorically deny sending any lewd photographs to the 26- year-old woman that was the subject of the Facebook post. I will not deny, however, having shared, perhaps, provocative photographs with other people in my past.

Krahulik’s admission to the Orange County GOP was also recorded by The New York Daily News

As a result of the scandal, Krahulik has been attempting to rebuild his law practice. He also started purchasing 30 minutes of air time on WTBQ. His show, The Lawyer Guy can be heard on Thursdays on WTBQ.

If Bob Krahulik has sent you unsolicited “provocative” pictures of himself or pictures of his genitilia and you would like us to share your story, feel free to email us at info@stephend128.sg-host.com

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