Attorney Dan Castricone Is The Man Behind Cryptic Nazi Groups

It has been confirmed that Attorney Dan Castricone is the man pulling the levers of two cryptic Nazi groups. Castricone is secretly leading United Monroe and Orange Is The New Bloc in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley.

United Monroe and OITNB have been vocal in their opposition to the expansion of the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel. These two groups use phrases like “preserving our way of life” and “preserving our cultural identity.” They also refer to residents of Kiryas Joel as a “scourges on our community.”

Sound familiar? That’s because phrases like these were ripped from the pages of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. This rhetoric was also pulled from other Nazi propaganda from the 1930s. These slogans were also used by white people to keep black people from buying homes in their neighborhoods. 

Kiryas Joel

Kiryas Joel was formed as a village in 1977. It was formed when a sect of Hasidic Jews who adhere to Satmar purchased land in the Town of Monroe.

Controversy erupted when Kiryas Joel proposed to annex 500 acres in the Town of Monroe. The village needed the 500 adjoining acres in order to expand. Kiryas Joel’s population has increased from 1500 to over 20,000 in 40 years.  

Emily Convers Starts A Jew Bashing Group And Recruits Attorney Dan Castricone

A small group of histrionic Monroe residents led by Emily Convers created United Monroe. She created the group after seeing several pro-annexation candidates win seats on the town board. Convers and her merry band of anti-Semites recruited Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone. Castricone had been rejected for an endorsement by the local GOP leadership for his re-election to the Orange County Legislature. He was more than eager to join a group of people bat-shit crazy enough to follow him.

Castricone decided to run for Congress in the 18th Congressional District late last summer. 

Castricone found himself alienated from GOP leadership. He also had a history of failure on his political resume. As a result, Castricone turned to the wedge issue of Kiryas Joel to get media coverage and rebuild his damaged image. He recruited Convers and others from United Monroe to help.

Allstate Insurance
This housing discrimination cartoon from the 1940s depicts what Dan Castricone is all about.

The Allstate Insurance Agent enlisted Emily Convers and Todd Jennings to create the shadowy group OITNB on Facebook. He saw it as a way to market his congressional campaign. He also saw it as a way to make it appear he had grassroots support from across Orange County.

Orange Is The New Bloc is a play on the Netflix show, Orange Is The New Black. It came about when Castricone appeared on WTBQ with Dominick Sammarone. Sammarone coined the phrase in a roundtable discussion. 

Attorney Dan Castricone’s Friends Start Bashing Jews

Convers and Jennings began using the Facebook page to anonymously campaign for Castricone. They also used it to post anti-Kiryas Joel comments. The two bigots began using cryptic Nazi language as a scare tactic to get people to like the page.

Convers and others also began using Nazi-style bullying and harassment tactics on local politicians. They posted unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and allegations against their political opponents. Convers’ groupies would post that politicians were involved in voter fraud and political bribes with members of Kiryas Joel. 

Emily Convers Starts Channeling Her Inner George Wallace

Convers even goes as far to post comments that sound like it was pulled from the ugly side of America’s history. She writes:

 The Kiryas Joel bloc vote is ultimately affecting you directly in your bank account. By the very nature of this demographic bloc (highest poverty rate in the U.S., and heavy reliance on social services), your taxes will go up, while at the same time, your property values will go down. Possibly WAY down. Many Hudson Valley citizens rely on the equity in their homes for their retirement nest egg. Over time, this equity will dwindle and dwindle until you have nothing left. And if you are a newer homeowner in the area with a mortgage, the drop in your property value could well put you “under water.

Convers continues with the histrionic bigoted rhetoric she borrowed from the ash heap of history by speculating that Hudson Valley children are in danger: 

“If not stopped, this bloc vote will also eventually result in a severe diminishment in the quality of the schools that your children attend. Their bloc does not have any use for public education, and if they can gain control of local school boards, will undoubtedly vote to cut budgets and critical programs (such as arts, music, sports and other activities) that contribute to the educational development of your child. In the long run, allocations for teachers will also be cut (making for larger class sizes), and school buildings may even close and consolidate, making for an utterly inhospitable educational environment for YOUR children.”

Attorney Dan Castricone Jumps On The Jew Bashing Bandwagon 

Allstate Insurance Agent Castricone doesn’t even live anywhere near Kiryas Joel. Castricone also awakens the ugly body of racial bigotry by prodding it with a stick. Castricone writes on his congressional campaign website:

 Couple annexation with KJ’s current rate of growth and within a short time it will effectively kill any chance to foster wealth creating commercial development in Southern Orange County.

Castricone openly admits on his campaign website that he is the leader of this group of bigots and anti-Semites. He proudly proclaims:

I have been fighting against this illegal, unconstitutional land grab from the beginning. I am proud to have led a movement that has changed the political landscape of Orange County.

Attorney Dan Castricone Doesn’t Seem To Understand The U.S. Constitution

This Allstate Insurance Agent thinks he’ll be able to get Congress to intervene to stop Kiryas Joel expansion. How he will do that is quite puzzling. He and his supporters in United Monroe or OITNB are not willing to answer the question. The best answer you can get is:

Dan will stand up against government corruption.

Castricone is a lawyer. He knows damn well there is nothing Congress can do. The federal government has no jurisdiction to act on local land use issues (except for federal land or Native American Reservation land).

The 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution makes land use a states’ rights issues. Contrary, to what this Allstate Insurance Agent and his merry band of militant Archie Bunkers want you to believe, this annexation is not unconstitutional nor is it illegal. It’s all about keeping people out who are different.

This is no different than the scare tactics used by Anglo-Saxons to keep blacks, Italians and the Irish out of their neighborhoods hundred years ago.  

Dan Castricone wants to exploit people’s ignorance and fears with his Archie Bunker schtick. He hopes it will get him elected to public office and increase his paycheck. 

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