Wannabe Domestic Terrorist, Convicted Squatter And Deadbeat Dad Ted Visner Goes Full Blown Sovereign Citizen Crazy On Federal Bankruptcy Judge

Ted Visner is back for an encore. The wannabe domestic terrorist became an internet sensation when he threatened to shoot up law enforcement. Visner made the threat when Bank of America was attempting to evict him from his ex-girlfriend’s home. He and his current girlfriend Danielle Austin were squatting in the house and using it as a love shack.

This time around he unleashes his sovereign citizen-style craziness on a federal bankruptcy judge. Visner had his request to reopen his five-year-old bankruptcy case denied by the judge.

The wannabe domestic terrorist went all sovereign citizen and began issuing insane demands.

Visner Tries To Be Play Lawyer

This court is being ORDERED to show cause as to why it IS Obstructing Justice and willfully interfering with the proper administration of justice.

What? This makes no sense.

This court is being ORDERED to show cause as to why it unlawfully converted the Debtors Objection Hearing on October 6, 2010 to a Creditor’s Motion Hearing and calling the prophylactic filed on September 20, 2010 by Shelly Sweet and Bruce Havens titled “Notice of Intent to Sell/Take Possession” a Motion when it was clearly NOT A MOTION.

Prophylactic? It appears the only disease Sweet and Havens was trying to prevent was Visner’s apparent mental illness.

Visner is clinging to the story that he used when he tried to extort $45,000 from the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. Visner claimed the Sheriff’s Department illegally evicted him from a property his then girlfriend, Kathy Smith had rented. The court dismissed Visner’s allegations. The allegations conflicted with the bankruptcy documents he filed in 2010Visner claimed he only had $2500 worth of items in the house a month prior to the eviction.  

Visner also never had standing to fight Kathy Smith’s foreclosure on the Buchanan property. Consequently, he was nothing more than a squatter.

Visner Begins Channeling His Inner Cobra Commander

This court is being ORDERED to called the Debtors at (989) 954-2814 to work out a Hearing date for this PUBLIC Show Cause Hearing.

Like this will ever happen. Does this wannabe terrorist think he’s Cobra Commander from the GI Joe cartoons? The judge and the clerks are probably laughing at this lunatic’s filing.

IT IS ORDERED that this court demonstrate and show cause as to how and why it believes that it’s own Obstruction of Justice is somehow a lawful function of the Federal Court.

What obstruction of justice? You have to be a victim to claim obstruction of justice. Visner is nothing more than a victim of is his own idiotic behavior and poor judgment.

IT IS ORDERED that this show cause hearing be open and public and that the Debtors receive a free copy of the Audio and Video of EVERY Hearing and every proceeding.

It seems like Visner doesn’t understand that this is America. You don’t get anything for free. The person who wants copies of court transcripts has to pay for them.

Visner Believes The Law Works Like A Harry Potter Spell

IT IS ORDERED that this court remain an Article III Common Law Court of Record and that the Debtors names remain in their proper form with capital first letters only and not use the all uppercase version of their names. Example; Kathy Smith and Theodore Visner and specifically n0t KATHY SMITH and THEODORE VISNER.

This where Visner goes all sovereign citizen trying to invoke a Common Law Court of Record. Visner is trying to argue a crackpot theory he got from a pretend lawyer on the internet. Pamela Gaston shows people how to play paper terrorist and tie up the court with asinine filings. Gaston pals with convicted felon and crackpot polygamist William Wagener.

Visner still clings to his belief the law works like Harry Potter. He believes using the right incantation of words gives you power over the federal government. He also believes you can take poor grammar and bad use of language and turn it into a legal theory. He’s trying to claim that the spelling of his name and Kathy Smith’s name in capital letters is not his name. Of course, this is all nonsense.

The Only Thing Visner Doesn’t Bring Up Is The Fringe On The Flag. Oh, Wait. He Does.

IT IS ORDERED that the flag displayed in the courtroom be a US flag and NOT a bastardized flag with gold fringe.

The wannabe domestic terrorist also goes all sovereign citizen again. Sovereign citizens argue that the gold fringe makes it an admiralty flag. Hence:

None of your sea-laws work on me, judge!

This argument doesn’t work and is almost as ludicrous as Visner filing his writ of habeas corpus in his foreclosure case.

Ted Visner: Michigan’s Answer To Mr. Magoo

IT IS ORDERED that these Debtors are recognized by this court as crime victims attempting to report crimes and make claims for damages and that the crimes against them have made them indigent and unable to pay anything further or travel any distance without excess notice in their attempts to seek justice and Redress.

Ted Visner has been claiming he’s a victim for six years.

There is also no evidence to support the theory that Visner is a crime victim except for in his twisted mind. In addition, Ted Visner goes bat-shit crazy every time someone questions him about his claims.

Hence, Visner is like Mr. Magoo. Visner is a hapless and sensory-challenged man who creates a chain reaction of havoc and destruction with every misplaced step he takes.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this court will never again order the Debtors to do anything without their joint written consent.

It could only happen if this wannabe domestic terrorist manages to overthrow the federal government and rewrite the U.S. Constitution and 220 years of federal law.

Did Visner’s Caps Lock button break?


Visner sure did use a lot of capital letters in this demand for a guy who doesn’t like capital letters. It appears he also forgot to use spell check before blasting his manifesto off to Judge Opperman.

This Federal Court and judge Opperman are being accused of facilitating Fraud Upon the Federal Court and of aiding and assisting in the commission of crimes involving the theft of real and personal property from the Debtors Kathy Smith and Theodore Visner under Color of Office and Color of Law.

Here we go again. According to Visner everyone is corrupt but yet he gets $2700 a year from the Veterans Administration for stubbing his toe on a submarine in the 1980s.

You can read Ted Visner’s latest manifesto and his list of demands below:

Visner BK Letter 1-28-16

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