Self Proclaimed Smut Peddler Larry Flynt Prepare Bid To Turn Playboy Mansion Into High-Class Hustler Mansion

Larry Flynt
Hustler Magazine Founder Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt has ordered his executives to make an offer on the iconic Playboy mansion. 

Hustler executives have confirmed that a leaked internal memo expressing their interest is the real deal. Although the $200-million asking price is out of the question. Hefner and his “sticky sheets” would not be part of the deal.

Harry Mohney, whose Déjà Vu company operates the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club chain was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying:

Larry (Flynt) and I have talked about it and are preparing a bid. We feel it is an excellent place for The Hustler Club and Hustler Mansion.

Mohney also boasted that Larry Flynt and Hustler would move their own staff into the 29-room estate. They also stated they will host three VIP parties per week for VIP guests and those gatherings would out-Hef any parties Playboy threw. 

Mohney also took a dig at Flynt’s former rival:

Hef lost the fact and focus that he was in the sex business and magazine business. He thought he was Vanity Fair and lost that he was in the business of the erotica.

Mohney scoffed at Playboy’s asking price of $200 million and the condition that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner got to live in 20,000-square foot mansion.

Mohney stated:

We are not going to offer half that much. I don’t know where he got that figure from. Certainly it would require an appraisal of the value.”

Since the mansion went up for sale last week, rumors have been floating around the entertainment industry that Hefner wanted to sell to avoid liability of any lawsuits brought against longtime pal and accused serial rapist Bill Cosby and any of the misdeeds he may have committed at the Playboy Mansion.

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