Histrionic Foreclosure Activists Fired Up Over Hillary Clinton Video They Claim Blames All Homeowners For 2008 Financial Crisis 

A spliced video of Hillary Clinton made the rounds last week. Foreclosure activists claim the video shows Hillary Clinton blaming all homeowners for the financial collapse. The only problem is that Hillary Clinton didn’t say all homeowners are responsible for the foreclosure crisis.

This video is actually two videos spliced together. The first is a clip from one of her debates with presidential primary opponent Bernie Sanders. The second part of the video is an edited clip of a speech she gave when she was a Senator in 2007. 

Hillary Clinton doesn’t blame all homeowners for the crisis. She nearly points out that there is plenty of blame to go around. She isn’t alone in her thinking. Economists and people who worked in lending will tell you the same thing.

Hillary Clinton is pointing out that homeowners who sought out no-doc loans or liars loans to buy a Barbie Dream House they knew they could not afford also share the responsibility of their eventual foreclosure. Clinton is right even if foreclosure activists don’t want to admit it. 

Foreclosure activists forget certain things when posting rants about sacrificing the banking system on the altar of revenge. They forget home ownership in America is a privilege, not a birthright. They also forget no one held a gun to their head to buy the Barbie Dreamhouse.

Additionally, they seem to forget it was their materialism that led to them to do a cash-out refinance. 

There are victims of shady mortgage lenders. There are also people who are victims of illegal foreclosures. However, Hillary Clinton is talking about those people.

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