Family Loses Home After Goose Stepping Members Of The Waters Edge HOA Sells Their Mortgage-Free Home For Unpaid $1900 HOA Dues.

Goose-stepping board members of the Waters Edge HOA

Katelyn Annis and her family are now homeless thanks to their greedy goose stepping HOA.

The Waters Edge Homeowners Association foreclosed and sold Katelyn Annis’s home in Port Orange, Florida at auction to collect $1,900 in overdue fees plus a few thousand dollars in legal costs.

Katlyn Annis claims she was never served with a foreclosure lawsuit for the unpaid HOA fees. 

Now Annis and her family are homeless and have lost nearly $125,000 in equity in tmortgage-freeree home. 

The HOA sold the home valued at $300,000 for the fire sale price of $175,000 to cover the $1900 unpaid HOA dues. 

Annis and her husband knew the association filed a lien to collect two-year-old association dues. However, Annis said they had to delay paying because she and her husband lost their jobs. She also stated they were never notified of the foreclosure lawsuit.

The couple will recover $170,000 after the HOA collects their lien. That’s far less than its value. The couple also lost nearly $125,000 to cover a $5,000 lien.

Annis and their attorney have filed to vacate the sale. However, that’s a long shot. Annis said:

 I don’t know what we’ll do. We will literally be homeless.

The goose-stepping members of the Waters Edge Homeowners HOA that are responsible for this are President Troy Stokes and Vice-President Hal Rhodes. In addition, Treasurer Dennis Young and Secretary Bill Coyne voted in favor of it. Directors Jack Pollard, Bill Watson and of course how can we forget, Director Dick Smith. You can call them through the board offices at 386.767.8282

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