HSBC Bank VP Charles Familetti, Jr. Convicted Of Sex Trafficking, Kiddie Porn & Paying To Have Sex With An 11-Year-Old Boy

Charles Familetti, Jr. was convicted of attempted sex trafficking of a minor and distribution of kiddie porn. He also convicted of transportation of kiddie porn and possession of kiddie porn.

Familetti is a former Vice-President at HSBC Bank. He worked at the London-based bank until he was indicted.

Familetti was arrested in July 2013 following an FBI sting operation. He agreed to pay an undercover FBI agent $500 in order to have sex with an 11-year old boy.  

FBI agents also downloaded files containing kiddie porn during a search of Familetti’s computer. 

Familetti met with the undercover FBI agent to finalize the deal to have sex with the 11-year old boy on July 15, 2013. He then took the agent to an ATM, withdrew the money to cover the full $500 fee for the boy, and gave the agent $100 as a down payment.  

Familetti then returned to his HSBC Bank paid apartment in midtown Manhattan to await the boy’s arrival.  

The FBI arrived and searched the apartment at the agreed-upon time for the boy to arrive. Agents located an SD card with 2,000 image files and 500 video files of kiddie porn hidden inside a loaf of bread. Familetti carried the SD card with him when he traveled for pleasure and on HSBC Bank business. 

Familetti faces life in prison on the attempted sex trafficking of a minor. He also faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on each count of the distribution and transportation of child pornography. As well as a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for each count of possession of kiddie porn.

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