Brazenly Stupid Ashley Madison Blackmailers Are Now Using USPS To Extort Money From Former Members

Everyone knows about the adultery site Ashley Madison being hacked over the summer. Ashley Madison Blackmailers demands began popping up in the email accounts of current and former Ashley Madison members. 

Most Ashley Madison members said they ignored the emails. They figured some internet low-lives sold the list to other internet low-lives. Members figured the lowlifes were looking to pocket some fast coin by exploiting members’ fears. 

Ashley Madison Blackmailers have now taken the extortion threats to a brazenly stupid new level.

Ashley Madison Blackmailers are now mailing threats to the former members using the United States Postal Service. Blackmailers are using the member’s physical address associated with the credit card account. 

This is actually a really dumb business model since the Ashley Madison Blackmailers who instead of making a big score may end up receiving countless human booster shots from a guy named Molly in the showers of a federal prison a year from now since this business model is considered mail fraud

This extortion plan is a bad business model is a horrible business model. There is no incentive for the victim to pay the Ashley Madison Blackmailers.

If a blackmailer follows through with their threats what incentive do you have to then pay them?

British Computer Security Expert Graham Cluley Says To Just Ignore Blackmail Threats

Graham Cluley a British Computer Security Expert advises the readers of his blog to just ignore them:

I can understand how it would be distressing for Ashley Madison members to receive a letter like that through the post, but I’m strongly of the opinion that – in the majority of cases – blackmailers are trying their luck, hoping that a small percentage of those targeted will pay up.

Some people possibly will be prepared to reach into their pockets for fear that their loved ones might find out that they joined the controversial site, and those will be the people that the blackmailers will focus on. But I can’t see what the blackmailers have to gain from going through with their threats.

Because, if they tell people close to you then they are ruining any chances that you will ever pay up. Think of it from their point of view. It’s a dumb business model.

In fact, the only scenario I can imagine that might make sense for the blackmailer to go through with their threats is if they are specifically targeting you and aren’t being primarily incentivised by the money, but a personal issue with you instead. In which case paying the money may not help anyway.

I understand that it must be very unsettling and worrying, but paying the blackmailers any money is only likely to make them focus on you more. Ignoring them is probably a better plan in my humble opinion.

You can see Graham Cluley’s video blog below. you can also check out his site here.


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