Ted Visner’s Wagnerian Opera About His Imaginary Government Persecution Ends As Federal Judge Denies His Restraining Order To Stop Foreclosure Eviction

It appears the fat lady has finally sung in Ted Visner’s Wagnerian Opera that has gripped Isabella County for five years.

U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington brought an end to Ted Visner’s Wagnerian Opera. He denied Ted Visner request for a Temporary Restraining Order. Visner was attempting to block Bank of America from evicting him from the property previously owned by Kathy Smith.

Visner had been using the property as a love shack with his current girlfriend Danielle Austin. He was also using it as a command bunker for his imaginary militia.

Visner’s Attempt To Play Lawyer Blows Up In His Face

Judge Ludington stated he denied Visner motion due to their failure to pay the civil filing fee after giving Visner more time to comply. The motions filed by AXJ were also not properly filed according to the ruling.  

Ludington also chided AXJ for not filing their “motions” properly. In addition, he blasted them for not knowing the law or court procedures. Ludington wrote:

The motions appear to be filed solely by the entity AXJ, not by Theodore Visner or Kathy Smith, the named plaintiffs. The motions are not proper pleadings to be received and filed by the Plaintiffs for multiple reasons.

You can read his opinion and order below:

Order on Denying Motions

Judge Ludington entered a final ruling dismissing the whole case. This brings an end to Ted Visner’s Wagnerian Opera.

Order Dismissing TRO

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