Jury Finds Crackpot Ted Visner Guilty Of Squatting, Trespassing, Driving W/Out Insurance & Driving An Unregistered Car In Less Than 20 Minutes

A jury took 20 minutes to find Crackpot Ted Visner guilty of a plethora of misdemeanors. Visner was charged with squatting, trespassing, driving without insurance and driving an unregistered car. 

The Isabella County jury saw right through Crackpot Ted Visner’s nonsensical claims. Visner claimed he was a victim of multiple government conspiracies.

Yet, Crackpot Ted Visner did manage to escape a huge bullet during sentencing. The judge ordered his fine to be the paltry sum of $1,125.00. 

The guys at the Fogbow Forum had a court watcher at the trial screen named Red Wolf who summarized it this way:

So the first day of the trial went as expected. Visner acted like a petulant child, consistently brought up things that were completely irrelevant (like cannabis oil), argued with the judge, insisted he wasn’t getting a fair trial, etc.

After jury selection, the opening remarks started around 11 am. The prosecutor mainly just said that he was squatting, trespassing, driving without registration, and driving without insurance. Visner argued with the judge when asked if he wanted to give opening remarks. He then went on to act like a victim. Visner claimed that they had all labeled him a terrorist, etc.

The (prosecutor) called the undersheriff to testify. The prosecutor’s questioning was relatively brief. She asked what went down and he essentially said that they had the eviction order. Sn Sep 17th, Visner was surveilled from his home until he left for the meeting and was seen driving the vehicle. It was only when Visner questioned him that it came out about his threats of violence and everything else. Visner argued every stupid detail with him and really made himself look bad. This went on for hours.

The International Media And Thousands Of Protesters Supporting Visner Were A No Show

The fake social justice group AXJ promised thousands of their followers would be at the trial. They also promised to bring international news media to support Crackpot Ted Visner.

According to Redwolf:

The only supporters that seemingly showed up for him were his girlfriend and a few scruffy, unfortunate-looking individuals (but they might’ve just wandered in off the street looking for warmth).

AXJ’s promise of international media attention also fell flat. The only reporter at the trial was Sue Field from the Morning Sun in Mt. Pleasant.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Department was waiting to arrest Crackpot Ted Visner on a warrant for squatting and trespassing when he arrived at Maxfield’s Restaurant. Visner had been squatting at the former home his ex-girlfriend with his current girlfriend. Kathy Smith lost the house to foreclosure to Bank of America but was not residing in the property.

Sheriff’s deputies also ran the license plate of the vehicle Visner was driving. They discovered the vehicle was not registered to him. Law enforcement also discovered Visner did not have a valid insurance policy as required under Michigan law.

The arrest of Crackpot Ted Visner fell far short of the dramatic Boondock Saints style gun battle that would end with his death that he had prophesied about in his videos as Crackpot Ted Visner did not put up any resistance. 


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