Potty Mouth Limousine Liberal Congressman Alan Grayson Sends Convicted Felon Dave Krieger’s Debunked Osceola Land Audit To The DOJ For Review

The debunked Osceola land audit done by convicted fraudster, David Krieger is on its way to the desk of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch thanks to foul mouth limousine liberal, Congressman Alan Grayson. Grayson, the foul mouthed Democrat, who likes to paint himself as a populist, is famous for ranting against Wall Street fat cats while he himself incorporated a couple hedge funds in the Cayman Islands in 2011.

Alan Grayson Letter to Loretta Lynch

Foreclosure defense experts and law enforcement officials around Florida debunked Krieger’s 362-page land audit (Krieger claims the land audit is 736 pages) claiming the land audit was a waste of $58,200 to taxpayers.

The land audit which you can read here relies on outdated and debunked legal arguments, unsubstantiated claims of criminal wrong doing, conspiracy theories, misrepresentations of the law and as Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Matt Weidner states, full of incorrect statements of law and fact

Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton also criticized the land audit and refused to bring criminal charges against lenders and foreclosure mill operators. Ashton’s office told the Orlando Sentinel, “Mr. Ashton has gone on record that our office reviewed the report, but from the perspective of a criminal investigation — it did not meet certain criteria. There were no witness statements, no victims, no evidentiary trail,”

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Economic Crimes Unit investigation spent 1,000 hours investigating the contents of David Krieger’s land audit at a cost $23,700 without finding a single crime on top of the $34,500 Krieger billed the county for the land audit. The ECU did discover Krieger’s dark and disturbing past of selling fake money orders to unsuspecting homeowners seeking to pay off government mortgages. This would eliminate any credibility he may have as an expert and that would make the report worthless.

David Krieger who wrote the book, Clouded Titles then accused the Osceola County Sheriff’s Economic Crimes Unit of not properly investigating, despite 17 boxes of information and 156 cases where he and his team allegedly found fraud. 

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