It Appears Jim Crowe Still Has An Executive Office At US Bank

US Bank
It appears Jim Crowe still has an office at US Bank.

US Bank discriminates against Black homeowners facing foreclosure. The bank is also pretty arrogant and cavalier attitude about it. An arrogance that I have not seen since Angelo Mozilo resigned as Chairman of Countrywide Financial.

I have heard every excuse imaginable from lenders about why they cannot provide me documents. I could literally write a book with all the excuses. However, lenders have generally become more responsive about getting me documents and working with my clients with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Unfortunately, no one informed US Bank. The Minneapolis bank is especially horrific when it comes to requesting documents for MFI-Miami clients who are of African descent.

MFI-Miami has worked on 25 files that were being serviced by US Bank, 9 of these were clients of African-American or African descended Caribbeans with 12 being Caucasian and four being Hispanic.

There is a Pattern of Lending Discrimination

MFI-Miami receives requested document for Caucasian clients within 2-3 weeks. 

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about our nine clients of African descent with mortgages being serviced by US Bank. It is apparent, Jim Crowe still has a desk at US Bank.

I have heard every excuse imaginable when I request documents for clients of African descent. I have had to deal with the countless:

We never received your request.

This after it had been sent a dozen times.

I have also heard:

We can’t talk to you because your client’s authorization is only good for 24 hours

This is after they have already sent me part of what I asked for. 

Bizarre Requests And Actions Show U.S. Bank Hates Black People

The most recent excuse I have received from US Bank and it’s also one of the most bizarre. US Bank demanded MFI-Miami’s tax ID number or my personal social security number so they could verify my identity with the Internal Revenue Service.

This is after I sent them a notarized authorization from my client. US Bank sent him a confirmation a week later. He signed and faxed it back to them.

Yet, they still pulled the “the authorization is only good for 24 hours.” excuse.

Customer service then made my client Mr. Leonard and I wait on hold for nearly an hour while they “attempted” to ascertain why half of the file came to me and half went to Mr. Leonard in New Jersey. 

Yet, I have never received this level of bullshit from US Bank with my Caucasian clients or with my Hispanic clients.

If you feel you have been a victim of lending discrimination by US Bank especially during the foreclosure or modification process, you do have options thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act.

You can submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) about US Bank by going to their website by clicking here and then clicking on the Submit A Complaint button at the top right side of the screen.

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