The Cost For Ted Visner’s Eviction Could Exceed $150,000 & It Won’t Be Ted Visner Who Pays

Ted Visner’s eviction has been the subject of dozens of emails that I have received from people since I started writing about Ted Visner’s eviction last month. Reporters, members of law enforcement and members of various militia groups have asked me about who will be ultimately responsible for picking up the final tab for Ted Visner’s eviction.

In his deeply disturbed head, Ted Visner wants to believe that it will be Bank of America or his dreaded nemesis, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department, that will pay for all the costs of his eviction from a house he squatting in and has no legal claim. Visner is especially excited at he prospect of getting a chance to live out his carnage filled fantasy by having a gun battle with them. Unfortunately, like the many things Ted Visner has tried to claim over the past four years, he is wrong.

It won’t be Bank of America or the taxpayers of Isabella County that pick up the tab for Ted Visner’s eviction that will include the constant court appearances for Bank of America’s attorneys answering Ted Visner’s idiotic and nonsensical motions and the high cost of evicting him and Danielle Austin. Ted Visner’s eviction increased 500% after Visner’s Youtube video went viral threatening to kill Sheriff’s Deputies or any other members of law enforcement who attempt to evict him. 

At the end of the day, the cost of Ted Visner’s eviction will eventually fall on the shoulders of the property owner, Kathy Smith. That’s right, Visner’s on again off again wife, girlfriend, hetero-lifemate or whatever he considers her, will be ultimately responsible for picking up the six figure tab for Ted’s adventure into the Twilight Zone of Paranoid Lunacy. In all his narcissistic rage against anyone who has ever looked him funny, Visner is blind to the fact that he is financially anal raping Kathy Smith without the courtesy of using Astroglide. Smith and her children will be paying for Ted Visner’s attempts to score a free house long after Ted Visner finds another woman he can financially exploit or when he’s sitting in a Super Max prison cell next to his anti-government heroes Ted Kaczynski and Oklahoma City Bomber Terry Nichols.

Let me explain, when Ted Visner and Kathy Smith filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010, they re-affirmed the Bank of America mortgage meaning they excluded it from the bankruptcy. This means that Kathy Smith is now liable for any deficiencies on the mortgage plus any cost incurred by Bank of America to take possession of the property minus the $198,000 of six years of unpaid interest that Bank of America forgave prior to the Sheriff’s Sale in November of 2014. Since Smith will be unable to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy again until 2020, Bank of America can file a deficiency lawsuit against her and if they win, they could garnishee wages and seize assets to cure the judgment. 

This includes the cost of Bank of America sending an attorney to court to answer all of Ted Visner’s idiotic and nonsensical motions and costs incurred by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department for removing Ted Visner and Danielle Austin from the property.

Visner and Smith don’t seem to realize that the county doesn’t do evictions for free. They pass the cost on to the bank which then attempts to collect the cost from the former borrower in the form of a deficiency lawsuit. With Ted Visner’s history of making death threats against everyone from President Obama to local Isabella County judges and posting videos threatening to kill Sheriff’s Deputies when they come to evict him, the cost of evicting him and Austin from Smith’s property has increased 500% because now the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department will need to use armored Stryker vehicles and re-enforced SWAT teams from both the Michigan State Police and Federal law enforcement.  

When Ted Visner’s eviction does happen, it more than likely won’t be the epic gun battle Visner envisions in his deluded fantasies. It will more like Jerry Lundergaard’s arrest at the end of movie Fargo with Visner being handcuffed while deputies have him pinned to his bed in his defecated underwear creaming and sobbing like a baby.

If this scenario is the one that does play out Kathy Smith gets off relatively easy. Smith’s bill will only be roughly $70,000.00 this includes the reduced payoff of $59,500 on the mortgage that went into foreclosure and $10,000 in attorney fees Bank of America has to pay to respond to all of Ted Visner’s idiotic and nonsensical motions. Smith is also looking at an additional $25,000-30,000 tab from Isabella County for the cost of executing Ted Visner’s eviction with SWAT teams and paramilitary police because of Ted Visner’s deluded fantasies of martyrdom. 

In the off chance, that during Ted Visner’s eviction, he attempts to live out his fantasies of martyrdom by having an epic gun battle with members of law enforcement and any are wounded or killed by him, Smith could be facing another $50,000 in fees attached to the deficiency of the mortgage. That is, if she is not charged criminally along with Visner for domestic terrorism charges or the plethora of other federal and state charges Visner could be facing when this finally ends. 



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