Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert Come To Miami To Interview MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report on RT flew to Miami a few weeks ago during the peak of European tourist season in Florida to interview MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert on the South Pointe Pier in South Beach.

On what was an extremely hot 95 degree (35 Celsius) afternoon, Max Keiser and Steve Dibert discussed the possibility of a tourism war between Florida and Cuba now that relations between Cuba and the United States are beginning to thaw.

Max Keiser and Steve Dibert talked about the continued controversy of lenders using the MERS system to record mortgages and mortgage assignments.  The two of them also discussed MFI-Miami’s continued victories against JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America in foreclosure cases and how American lenders are trying to cheat their mortgage customers with dual tracking, misapplying payments and other underhanded tactics.

Max and Steve discussed the truth behind the U.S. Department of Justice’s figures that show convictions for white collar crimes are way down but yet the dollar amount of the fines and penalties are up. Steve reveals the reason for that is because the DOJ are essentially shaking down innocent mom and pop investors for fines who the DOJ knows won’t have the financial resources to fight the federal government to prove their innocence.


The Max Keiser and Steve Dibert interview in Spanish for my Spanish Speaking friends:

Here is part 2 of the interview where Max Keiser and Steve Dibert discuss South Florida being the capital of fraud and the land of fraudsters:


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