Is Donald Trump The Richie Rich Of Queens Or The Hampton’s Answer To Al Sharpton?

Donald Trump The Richie Rich Of Queens, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase were the subjects on That’s Where The Money Is with Dominick Sammarone as Steve Dibert checked in from Miami.

This week, Dominick and Steve talked about the Donald Trump’s campaign for POTUS and discussed if Trump The Richie Rich of Queens is the Hampton’s answer to Al Sharpton.

After picking on Trimp and calling Trump The Richie Rich of Queens, Steve and Dominick discussed the outcome of the mediation Steve attended in Key West for a Bank of America foreclosure client. In the case, Bank of America alleged that the client owed $800,000 at the time the foreclosure was initiated and that the client now owed $1.1 million after four years of not paying on the mortgage while the case worked its way through the courts. A delay caused by Bank of America changing law firms four times. 

MFI-Miami then got involved and brought in a retired FBI agent turned CPA who could show that Bank of America misapplied over $150,000 in mortgage payments and escrow payments prior to putting the homeowner in foreclosure.

At the mediation, Team MFI-Miami was able negotiate a deal where the new principal was calculated at $724,000 with a 3.5% interest rate with a payment calculated using a 50 year amortization schedule.

The two talked about the Steve’s battle with JPMorgan Chase where JPMorgan Chase’s lawyers soiled themselves and ran from the battlefield at the Battle of Zacharakis ninety minutes before trial.

Steve talked about how he beat JPMorgan Chase when they attempted to illegally foreclose on a retired Green Beret and his blind autistic son. This case ultimately cost the Jamie Dimon the chance of being Timothy Geithner’s successor as Treasury Secretary.


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