Producers And Distributors of The 1991 Donald Trump Documentary Were Allegedly Threatened By Donald Trump With Endless Frivolous Litigation

A somewhat mysterious trailer for a Donald Trump Documentary was released last week. A man with a toned a down Robin Leach style British accent appears to be advertising a documentary called Trump: What’s the Deal?

Producers claim that the film was “suppressed” when it was completed in 1991. Donald Trump allegedly threatened everyone involved in the production and potential distributors. Trump used his trademark tactic to get what he wants. You guessed it, he uses his tactic of endless and frivolous litigation. A tactic Trump learned from his pal Roy Cohn.

Leonard Stern: Sworn Enemy Of Trump

The website associated with the Donald Trump documentary says it was commissioned in 1988 by mogul Leonard Stern. Consequently, Trump allegedly threatened to sue everyone on Earth who was involved with the film if it was ever released.

Leonard Stern and Donald Trump were bitter enemies going back to the 1970s. A New York magazine piece about Stern and Trump from 1989 tells a similar story.

Libby Handros posted the trailer and the Donald Trump documentary online. Handros was a producer on the original project who says she inherited the footage from original executive producer Ned Schnurman when he passed away in 2004.

According To Slate:

“Leonard Stern is still alive, and in 1991 told the Times he did not believe that Ned Schnurman had legal rights to the footage but that he (Stern) was not going to retaliate against “a little guy with no money” for screening it. (Handros says Stern is “definitely not” involved in the online release.)”

Libby Handros is making the documentary free to view on As such, she is asking for donations in case Donald Trump decides to unleash his lawyers.

Producers made the Trump documentary when everyone thought Donald Trump was still relatively sane and a just a spoiled trust fund baby from Queens.

The film was made decades before Trump began embracing conspiracy theories about President Obama being born in Kenya, his over the top Youtube political rants, and his daily barrage of Twitter fights with critics.

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