Why Did Osceola County Pay Fraudster David Krieger $34,500 For Garbage Audit?

The much-ballyhooed audit prepared by David Krieger for Osceola County was a dud. The $34,500 report has turned into a political nightmare for Clerk Armando Ramirez.

David Krieger’s 362-page report was presented to the Osceola County in January. Yet, the report was not made available to the public until last week.

The report accuses mortgage lenders, document preparation companies and foreclosure mill attorneys of filing over 800 fraudulent documents in Osceola County.

David Krieger’s Report Is Garbage And a Waste of $58,200 Of Tax Payer Money

However, Orange-Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton refuses to bring criminal charges. Ashton’s office told the Orlando Sentinel:

Mr. Ashton has gone on record that our office reviewed the report, but from the perspective of a criminal investigation — it did not meet certain criteria. There were no witness statements, no victims, no evidentiary trail,

Ashton’s office then pointed Ramirez to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office:

 The issue should be first investigated by law enforcement, thus we provided the report to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Ramirez and his staff carted 17 cartons of records to the Osceola County Sheriff Economic Crimes Unit.

The Economic Crimes Unit investigation spent 1,000 hours investigating the contents of David Krieger’s report. The Sheriff’s investigation cost $23,700 without finding a single crime.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Matt Weidner wrote on his blog:

The worst thing about this is the logo and trust of the clerk of court are being used to give this report…full of incorrect statements of law and fact….credibility and authority.

The David Krieger Report Is Useless

David Krieger
David Krieger’s report is more about his tin-foil hat political beliefs than it is about proving any criminal activity.

The report is a product of David Krieger’s tin-foil hat political beliefs than it is about mortgage or document fraud. The report relies on outdated and debunked legal arguments. It also contains unsubstantiated claims of criminal wrongdoing and conspiracy theories. Krieger and his colleagues also misrepresent Florida law.

Krieger’s “hand-picked” auditors are not the mortgage experts they claim to be. They also lack the foreclosure litigation experience necessary to give this report any credibility.

Armando Ramirez is now in hot water with Osceola County voters. The County Commission wants to know why he spent nearly $60,000 on David Krieger’s garbage report. Ramirez hired Krieger in a No-Bid Contract. Ramirez has not publicly stated why he a gave David Krieger a no-bid contract. However, Krieger’s contract that Ramirez signed on July 24, 2014, states:

[It] shall be for the purpose of supplying forensic evidence to the State’s Attorney for criminal and eventual civil prosecution. The clerk agrees that he has exercised care and due diligence in determining the competency of [Krieger] to conduct such a forensic examination.

Krieger claims he was hired by Ramirez because Ramirez was a fan of his book, Clouded Titles.

Who Is David Krieger?

David Krieger is a self-proclaimed Quiet Title Expert. He is also the author of the self-published DIY foreclosure defense book, Clouded Titles. Krieger travels around the country like a traveling carnival barker. He pawns his “Get A Free House From Your Lender” scam on desperate homeowners. 

Krieger peddles the same schtick as Neil Garfield and Garfield’s former protege and convicted mortgage fraudster, Carol Asbury.

Krieger’s only purpose seems to be to entice desperate homeowners and clueless foreclosure activists. People who should be using last hard-earned money to hire a competent attorney. 

David Krieger has no experience in mortgage finance, mortgage lending, title abstracting or title preparation. However, Krieger does have plenty of experience scamming people and defrauding the federal government.

David Krieger Is A Convicted Fraudster. Did He Help Raise Money For Domestic Terrorist Groups?

David Krieger was part of an anti-government domestic terrorist group according to the unsealed indictment in 1996. Krieger’s group allegedly had financial ties to militia groups and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Krieger’s group funded their activities through a nationwide mortgage fraud network known as “Family Farm Preservation.”

Krieger and his minions sold fake money orders to unsuspecting rural homeowners. The homeowners were seeking to pay off FHA and Rural Development mortgages.

The FBI investigated Krieger for three years. As a result of the investigation, Krieger was arrested in east Texas by FBI agents.

Krieger was one of nine ringleaders arrested. The ringleaders used an army of hucksters to sell the fake money orders.

In 1993, Krieger sold and mailed $344,733 in bogus money orders to government offices and mortgage companies. Krieger also used the worthless money orders to try to pay his own debts. He tried to pay almost $6,000 for child support payments in Kansas.

Krieger avoided prison by ratting out his eight co-defendants. Krieger’s co-defendants received up to 16 years in prison. 

Krieger got lucky. He served his three-month sentence by sitting on his living room sofa watching daytime TV.

David Krieger The Small Time Entertainer

Krieger also worked as a wedding entertainer and a voice-over specialist known as Airwave Dave.

He also traveled the American south working as an Austin Powers impersonator at minor-league baseball and hockey games. 

A TV reporter before his arrest, Krieger has written two self-published books on foreclosure defense while working as a paralegal and consultant. He appears regularly on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ internet website, “Infowars” and Tea Party Patriot Wingnut Joyce Riley’s Power Hour promoting his books and his paranoia fueled anti-government views. 

Osceola County Real Property Records Forensic Examination

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