6/28/2015 Update: Earlier today, Melissa Gilbert responded to this piece on Twitter. Gilbert expressed her disgust by saying that she no way condones the behavior or the attitudes expressed by the people quoted below. For the record, I never said nor did I imply Melissa Gilbert condones racism. I also never said or implied these views were shared by the majority of her fans.

A handful of histrionic individuals took the title to imply that this was a commentary of Melissa Gilbert’s political views or the views of her vast majority of her fans, If you took it as such, you are an idiot. The article was meant to shame a handful of racist troglodytes who commented on the MFI-Miami Facebook page on June 12th and 13th. 

I don’t personally know Melissa Gilbert. However, given her history of social activism, I think its pretty safe to say that she and I are in agreement that the comments below have no place in 21st Century America. -Steve

Melissa Gilbert’s Racist Fans Claim Her Tax Troubles Are Due To President Obama and Al Sharpton

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about actress Melissa Gilbert’s troubles with the IRS. The article went viral on Facebook. Next thing I know, Melissa Gilbert’s racist fans came out of the woodwork. They claimed the IRS and Obama were going after because she is white.

Melissa Gilbert’s racist fans insist there is a black conspiracy going on between Al Sharpton and President Obama. They claim that because both men are African-American and Melissa Gilbert is white, Melissa Gilbert’s tax issues have something to do with race.

What Al Sharpton’s tax problems have to do with Melissa Gilbert not paying her taxes is beyond me. It appears to give some paranoid white folks a chance to express some good old fashioned racism.

I picked some of the craziest comments

Marion Ford of Ontario, Canada started off the rants against Al Sharpton by commenting,

“Al Sharpton owes millions and goes to the Whitehouse for dinner”

Fine Arts Teacher Philip Benton at the Dayton Leadership Academy posted,

If you send her to jail, Al Sharpton better be in the same trouble”

Keith Benicek wrote,

And Al Sharpton owes more than $2 Million …. but he’s black so Oblamo’s IRS looks the other way.

Beth Clayton believes Al Sharpton is the Anti-Christ and thinks I should write about Al Sharpton. She says,

You need a reality check MFI. Why should you write about Al…because as you said it came to light 2 years ago and nothing has been done about him. Al Sharpton is nothing but a trouble maker and keeps people worked up all the time and should keep his butt out of things. He doesn’t care about his people he is in it for the money and to be onTV and the news. He is the Devil Incarnate”

After I pointed out that Melissa Gilbert is far more liberal than Al Sharpton, it became clear all these people obsessing about Al Sharpton were just expressing deep seeded racism.

David Haywood wrote,

I don’t care about her political officiation , but you just said it, only Fox and the Blaze went after Sharpton although he was obviously criminally negligent. Just shows you who reports just what they want and not the accurate news. If owed $18 million in back taxes the IRS would have taken everything I own and thrown me on the street and I’m not even a pretend minister like Phony Al.”

Self-described former U.S. Marine Michael Mullins is also one of Melissa Gilbert’s racist fans. He warned if Al Sharpton ever came to Southeast Michigan he would kill him,

Thats because he is a darky who is buddies with obama. If I ever saw al sharpton in my area, thats the last place he would be seen alive.”

Mullins’ elaborates about his twisted Al Sharpton snuff fantasy by saying,

“I would take Al Sharpton course he would need backup since darkies don’t fight one on one. He is lucky he don’t live anywhere near me because I would run him over with my car like I would to those rioters in baltimore whom I would easily mistaken for gangbangers.”

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