Abuse Of Asset Forfeiture Laws By Police Is Becoming A Huge Problem In The U.S.

asset ForfeitureAttorney Craig Brand of The Brand Law Firm, PA appeared on the Keiser Report today on RT. Craig Brand represents victims of asset forfeiture by overzealous law enforcement and government agencies. Craig and host Max Keiser discussed how the federal and state governments are abusing asset forfeiture laws.

Law enforcement agencies use asset forfeiture to seize items used as part of a crime. Law enforcement agencies also use these laws to seize items they believe were bought with the proceeds from a crime.

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have the right to seize assets. Even if a person is later not guilty.

Asset forfeiture is a civil process. Therefore, it does not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt like criminal cases. But merely a preponderance of the evidence.

A connection to criminal activity or some reason to argue that it was bought with criminal profits is required. However, any criminal activity could arguably include just about anything under that definition.

The Brand Law Firm P.A. specializes in Investment Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Tax Crimes, Money Laundering, Asset Forfeitures, Drug Trafficking and RICO Cases.


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