United Mortgage Lenders Employee Accused Of Stealing $200K From Client

North Palm Beach Police have arrested Michele Ligorelli of United Mortgage Lenders. Ligorelli is accused of stealing $200,000 from a client in Pennsylvania.

Ligorelli has been charged with identity theft and larceny. Consequently, a Palm Beach County judge has set bail for $30,000.

Police said Ligorelli worked at United Mortgage Lenders when she accessed the man’s personal information and banking information.

The client said he went to the company in August 2013 for a home loan. He filled out an application and gave the lender copies of his W-2 forms and bank account statements. He also gave them his investment accounts and his personal and corporate tax returns.

The client attempted to get cash out of his bank account in November of 2013. He was told his account had been overdrawn. He and a bank employee determined there had been 30 transactions that the man had not made.

Several of the transactions were payments for Ligorelli’s personal bills including an auto insurance bill. She also used the money to pay a utility bill and a car payment. The bills were in Ligorelli’s husband’s name.

Police also found someone had transferred over $17,650 from the client’s account into another bank account. Ligorelli had also opened up Wells Fargo shareholder account and purchased $150,000 worth of stock options, according to the report.

Investigators were also able to determine that each transaction was from an IP address that belonged to United Mortgage Lenders.

Police say Ligorelli took $207,148.65 from the client’s account. The client has only been able to recover $50,000 of his lost assets.

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