The Director of Investigations for the State of Connecticut Gave Bank Fake Pay Stubs With His Loan Mod Package

If you are a state employee applying for a loan modification it’s not a good idea to give your bank fake pay stubs.

Lynwood Patrick, Jr. allegedly gave JPMorgan Chase a fraudulent application with fake pay stubs for a personal mortgage modification. Consequently, Patrick was arrested on a federal criminal complaint charging him with wire fraud. 

Patrick is the Director of Investigations for the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services.

The complaint alleges from approximately November 2012 through May 2013, Patrick applied for a mortgage modification under the Making Home Affordable program. Patrick fabricated fake pay stubs from the State of Connecticut.

He also lied about his assets in order qualify for the program. Patrick also claimed total assets of $500 in one checking account. He tried to show he had experienced a loss of income causing a hardship. Patrick had thousands of dollars spread out over multiple accounts. He also lied by saying his rate of pay had not diminished.

In his capacity as the Director of Investigations, Patrick is responsible for coordinating and conducting activities to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, waste, abuse and overpayments in the Connecticut Medicaid, Care4Kids, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance and Connecticut Energy Assistance Programs.

The criminal complaint charges Patrick with wire fraud, which carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 20 years.

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