Feds Charge Former Quicken Loans Contract Worker W/ Bank Fraud & Conspiracy

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged former Quicken Loans contract worker Cynthia Slay with conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Slay is accused of using her position at Quicken Loans to gain access to names and Social Security numbers. She also accessed bank account information. She then passed the information to an unnamed person. The unnamed person drained their bank accounts of more than $22,000.

This criminal case against her is unrelated to the DOJ case against Quicken Loans that was filed last week. The DOJ also is alleging Quicken falsified income and appraisals on FHA-insured mortgages.

A Quicken Loans spokesman told the Detroit News:

Slay was fired three years ago after internal security staff discovered suspicious behavior that resulted in the theft of about $2,000 from a client’s Bank of America account.

Quicken Loans claims they then notified the FBI and cooperated with in the investigation.

The DOJ is alleging Slay targeted Quicken applicants with bank balances of at least $10,000.

Slay used Craigslist to recruit people to help perpetrate the fraud and launder the money.

On a Aug. 23, 2012 Craig’s List post, she posted “I need to transfer money out of a checking account ASAP!! — I only have the routing/account numbers, plus other info like ss#, addresses, date of birth. I need it done this weekend no later than Monday. You will be compensated!!!

Slay and her unnamed colleague used one client’s bank information and Social Security number to make a number of fraudulent withdrawals and transfers in September 2012.

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