MFI-Miami Articles About Dan Gilbert Featured The Voice Of Detroit

Voice of Detroit Editor Diane Bukowski being arrested in 2008 for being a reporter

Voice of Detroit Editor Diane Bukowski posted an article on Friday that discussed MFI-Miami articles. The articles were written over the past two weeks about Dan Gilbert.

The first article focused on an MFI-Miami article that showed 70.6% of mortgages originated by Quicken Loans in the City of Detroit went into foreclosure. These Quicken Loans were originated between 2003 and 2008.

The second article is about Dan Gilbert’s voyeurism fetish. Gilbert is spying on people who work and visit downtown Detroit. You can read the two articles here and here

Bukowski writes,

Gilbert’s cameras are all over the downtown Detroit area, including inside the Detroit News and Free Press buildings, newly-rented from him after he bought their old offices, according to a report from the on-line newspaper MFI-Miami.

Gilbert additionally heads the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force, which is busy tearing down hundreds of homes across the city using federal “Hardest-Hit” funds meant to keep families in their homes.

MFI-Miami, which investigates mortgage fraud, reports that it did a sample survey of mortgages supplied by Gilbert’s Quicken Loans.

“Of the 75 homes sampled that had Quicken Loans named as the original mortgagee sampled,” the paper wrote, “70.6% of these homes went into foreclosure within the first 24-36 months of being sold on the secondary housing market by Quicken Loans to either Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or to a private mortgage backed securities trust on Wall Street.

You can read the entire article here.

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