Brian Rose’s London Real Has Carved A Niche By Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Brian Rose, Founder and Presenter on London Real
London Real Founder and Presenter, Brian Rose

I was introduced to London Real about three or four years ago. London Real founder Brian Rose retweeted one of my articles that had been discussed by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on The Keiser Report.

Intrigued, I checked out the first 10 minutes of one of the early episodes of London Real.

I have to admit, I wasn’t all that impressed with the guest. I dismissed Brian Rose as a burned-out former Wall Street guy trying to reinvent himself as the next Max Keiser.

In early autumn of 2012, Someone sent me a link to an episode of London Real. I blew it off. Next thing I knew London Real episodes were showing up in my YouTube recommendations. I relented and gave the show another chance.

I watched an episode with Brian Rose and Max Keiser discussing British MP George Galloway’s crowdfunding effort to unseat London Mayor Boris Johnson.

After watching about 45 minutes of the episode I became hooked. I then did some research on Brian Rose and realized my initial dismissal of London Real was a huge mistake. I now watch London Real religiously every Monday morning.

Who Is Brian Rose And What Is London Real?

London real Brian Rose quoteFor those of you who have never heard of Brian Rose or London Real, Brian Rose started his career wanting to be an engineer at MIT and through life’s journey became a derivatives broker who eventually settled in London after 9/11.

London Real is much more than your conventional finance show. Brian Rose has a broad spectrum of guests that talk about everything that can help you on your journey to be enlightened about life. He also has guests who want you to become a better entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you know that inspiration can come from anywhere and an understanding of psychology, communication and embracing unorthodox strategies during the journey that brings success.

These are qualities that only we as individuals can discover on our own. Also, no one can teach them to us. No one can hand them to us. We can be guided.  However, we must discover these qualities on our own.

Why London Real Is Different

This show unique in that not all of Brian Rose’s guests are bankers or finance industry types. His eclectic group of guests covers politics, philosophy, music, finance, bodybuilding, health, and business motivation.

This collection of guests show that Brian Rose understands the zen of business. Binge-watching episodes of London Real makes you also soon realize these guests represent the body, mind, and spirit of what it takes to be successful.

London Real video podcasts usually run 90 to 120 minutes. Brian Rose let his guest talk so the viewer can learn and be enlightened. Like the Buddha, Brian Rose as a presenter there to guide you to the enlightenment. There to show you enlightenment of the teachings of his guests.

Brian Rose will probably say that London Real is more than about helping people become better entrepreneurs. He may be right. But he and his guests do inspire us to be better entrepreneurs.

For me personally, I have learned things from the guests on London Real that have an immeasurable impact on the way I think about business. I have become better at interacting with clients. It has also impacted the way  I engage lawyers from mortgage lenders and banks who are trying to illegally foreclose on my client’s homes.

Check out London Real here

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