Mike Pence Models Taxpayer Funded Wire Service After Soviet Propaganda Service Pravda

Pence’s administration has named the news service Just IN. TTthe news service will offer stories about the governor’s administration. The service will also offer commentary from the governor as well as press secretaries. Just In is set to launch at the end of February and former reporter Bill McCleery will oversee the new agency.

The Indianapolis Star reports, “At times, Just IN will break news —publishing information ahead of any other news outlet.”

The governor’s press release stated, “Strategies for determining how and when to give priority to such ‘exclusive’ coverage remain under discussion.”

All editorial decisions will be made by a editorial board made up of members of Pence’s communications team and McCleery.

The Pence administration will pitch stories to both reporters and to the public directly through Just In documents

Sounds like the old Pravda to me.

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