Oops! SLS Misses New Jersey’s Six Year Statute of Limitations

slsI was sent news of a homeowner’s victory against SLS in New Jersey. It seems like the homeowner used the same claim that some of us in foreclosure defense we’re using here in Florida.

Morris County Judge Michael B. Kaplan stated in his ruling against the servicer:

The debtor retains the property, free of any claim of the defendants…The court will proceed to gargle in an effort to remove the lingering bad taste.

Gordon Washington won a challenge against creditors Specialized Loan Servicing LLC and Bank of New York Mellon on November 5th. Washington argued that as a result both parties failed to file a viable foreclosure complaint within New Jersey’s six-year statute of limitations.

Judge Michael B. Kaplan repeatedly expressed his reluctance to nullify the mortgage agreement. Yet, he stated SLS and Bank of New York-Mellon also gave him no other alternative.

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