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OCWEN And Deutsche Bank Settle Legal Claims With 911 Responder With Health Issues

Another success for MFI-Miami as we stopped OCWEN and Deutsche Bank from taking the home of a 911 responder with Ocwen and Deutsche Bank settled all legal claims with MFI-Miami Client, James Campisi.

About two weeks ago, I wrote about how James Campisi was picking up trash in the Queens section of New York City for the New York City Sanitation Department (DSNY) on September 11, 2001, when he got the call for all crews to come back to the yard. The yard manager informed them two jumbo jets had just crashed into the 110 story twin towers of the World Trade Center

For the next four weeks, James Campisi and his crew of sanitation workers labored for endless hours looking for survivors and then cleaning the site.

Years later, James got sick from his exposure to the toxins that permeated the air around Ground Zero and this 2-unit home in Long Island that he was using help offset the cost of his medication went into foreclosure.

In 2005, James Campisi began suffering chest pains and having trouble breathing from being a 911 responder. His ailments became so bad he was forced to go on disability. He soon learned he was not alone with these ailments. Hundreds of city workers who worked at Ground Zero for extended periods of time began showing signs of the same respiratory problems.

In 2006, James, who by this time was on disability, and his wife, Jenny, decided to refinance their multi-unit home with GMAC in the hopes that the lower mortgage payment would help them put some extra cash in their pocket every month until James could begin receiving money from the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

In 2008, James’ health began to deteriorate and when he and Jenny thought things couldn’t get any worse, the financial crisis hit. In the coming months, their lender, GMAC sold the loan to a Mortgage Backed Securities Trust controlled by Deutsche Bank named Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass Through Certificates, Series 2006-QS11 with GMAC retaining servicing rights. To complicate thing even more within a year GMAC would be put into government receivership and their mortgage servicing division spun off and put into bankruptcy.

MFI-Miami uncovered that OCWEN acquired the servicing rights to the Campisi’s loan in GMAC’s bankruptcy liquidation. Right after this, the Campisis decided to try to contact OCWEN about lowering the payment with a modification in order to afford the specialized medication James needed for his respiratory problems caused from working at Ground Zero.

Well, after my article appeared on the MFI-Miami website two weeks ago, OCWEN and Deutsche Bank sent James Campisi’s attorney a modification agreement thus ending a 6 year legal battle.



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