Trott Victims Tell Stories Of Robo-Signing, Dual Tracking, Fraud And Trott Attorneys Lying To The Court

On Wednesday, hundreds of foreclosure victims calling themselves, “Trott Survivors” held their protest in front of the offices of Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel, a real estate brokerage owned and operated by former foreclosure fraudster turned Congressional candidate, David Trott on Wednesday.

David Trott is currently running for congress in Michigan’s Eleventh Congressional District against Democratic Candidate Bobby McKenzie.

Detroit Eviction Defense organized the rally to protest the actions of Trott’s former law firm that bears his name.

Trott’s firm is infamous for denying people their right under the now repealed Michigan law (MCL 3205a) that allowed homeowners the ability to have a conference with their mortgage servicers that Trott represents.  MFi-Miami clients have had their foreclosure cases tossed by Michigan courts because lawyers at Trott’s firm have either not shown up for these conference calls or the Trott attorney has simply left the people on hold for nearly 45 minutes to an hour.

Trott & Trott also employs a system of “Dual Tracking” in order to foreclose on a homeowner.  Dual Tracking is where the foreclosure mill or mortgage servicer will convince the homeowner that they are working to keep them in their home while moving ahead with foreclosure proceedings.

Trott ran into serious trouble in 2012 when MFI-Miami used it’s leverage on Wall Street to have JPMorgan Chase fire Trott & Trott on a dual tracking case involving Jeff Reed, a retired Green Beret and his autistic son from Northern Michigan. Trott refused to honor a loan modification his firm negotiated on behalf of JPMorgan Chase and then began foreclosure proceeding against Jeff Reed.

Trott who made his money by turning his foreclosure mill law practice he inherited from his father into a one-stop monopoly on everything regarding to foreclosures for banks. Trott’s vast foreclosure empire includes, the Detroit Legal News and it’s sister publications throughout Michigan that advertise 80% of the foreclosures in Michigan, Greco Title and Seaver Title which he merged with Lawyers Title several years ago and the Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel Real Estate offices through out southeast Michigan.

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