MFI-Miami To Begin Investigating Student Loan Fraud And Collection Abuses Committed By The Major Student Loan Operators

Boot-Stepping-on-little-guy-300x300MFI-Miami is now expanding its services investigating student loan fraud. Many consumers have become trapped in high-interest student loan debt. They don’t realize they are victims of student loan fraud. They are also victims of illegal collections practices.

MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert explained:

From MFI-Miami’s viewpoint, it’s déjà vu all over again. We are witnessing the same abusive tactics being used by mortgage servicers. 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that at $1.2 Trillion, American student loan debt has hit an amount rivaling the GDP of Mexico.

Steve Dibert also explained his motivation:

I want to position MFI-Miami to strike fear in the heart of these of these parasitic student loan operators. I did it with mortgage lenders and now I also want to do it to student loan lenders. 

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