A former executive with Bank of America pleaded guilty to a sex charge, five years after his arrest in an undercover internet sting.

Joe H. Culler, Jr., 66, of Columbia, received a two-year probationary sentence.

He was arrested in September 2009 after multiple Internet conversations with an undercover Greenville police officer, who had identified himself as a 13-year-old girl.

Assistant Attorney General Lloyd Flores, Jr. prosecuted the case.  Flores spoke about the Internet conversations that Culler had with the person who the defendant believed to be a young, female teenager.

“The content was not always sexual in nature but did discuss sexual topics involving masturbation and the desire to meet to have sex,” Flores said. “There was one session on the web cam where Mr. Culler identified himself and was fully on-screen when he engaged in sexual activity.”

Flores said Culler, who went by the name Joe Seamann, also sent the officer a photo of male genitals.

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