GOP Leadership Recruits “Young Guns” Due To Concerns Political Viagra May Not Enough To Turn David Into Goliath By Election Day


If you thought the GOP primary in Michigan’s 11th District between financial terrorist, David Trott and incumbent reindeer farmer, Kerry Bentivolio was an entertaining because of it’s pure absurdity, grab your popcorn kids because the general election looks like it may prove to be as entertaining after all.

Yesterday, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) blasted out a press release announcing that Trott has been elevated to ‘Contender’ status in the NRCC’s ‘Young Guns’ program. The program designed by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and politically castrated former House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor was specifically designed to support and mentor young (under 45 years old) GOP congressional candidates and give their campaigns the tools they need to run effective, successful and winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.

If the NRCC is committing resources from the Young Guns program to 52-year old Trott, who spent $2.4 million of his own money six weeks before the primary against a kooky reindeer farmer with no money then its a pretty clear indication House Speaker John Boehner and NRCC Chairman Greg Walden have serious concerns about David Trott’s ability to win the general election in November.




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